A Christmas Tree Filled With Memories

TSM-PPSome people have beautiful Christmas trees with fancy matching ornaments. The kind of tree that looks like it should be in a store window. But not me. Our tree is an eclectic hodgepodge of  memories. Ornaments from my childhood, key chains from my teen years, handmade ornaments from my girls and photo ornaments of my family – every ornament tells a story. And each year decorating the tree is like a walk down memory lane. 

Ornaments are a big deal in my family. My mom’s birthday is on December 1, so every year we celebrate her birthday by helping her decorate her tree. And she celebrates by giving everyone an ornament that represents something that is special to them. This year she gave me photo ornament of my family, my husband a NASCAR ornament, K a collection of Strawberry Shortcake ornaments and baby girl Ariel. Things that are important to each of us.

Christmas Tree

It would be impossible for me to name a favorite on my tree, each carries with it a unique story that is as important as the ornament itself. I even have two “Babies First Christmas” ornaments from my first Christmas. As each year passes and more ornaments fill our tree, it seems more and more likely that down the road we will need two trees to house all of our memories — our nine foot tree is already covered. 

In addition to the new ornaments from mom, I also get new ornaments for the family and this year I ordered our new set from Personal Creations. I ordered each of us a Birthstone Snowflake Ornament

Birthstone Christmas Ornaments Personal Creations

The ornaments are really pretty, and surprisingly huge. Engraved with each of our names, I didn’t think about it until I saw all of the ornaments lined up together but three of the four of us have blue birthstones. Myself, September/ sapphire, hubby December/ blur topaz, K March/Aquamarine and then there is Sissy with her October/ tourmaline. 

Because I like to give people ornaments as much as I like to receive them (I am my mother’s daughter). I also ordered an ornament for my oldest friend (oldest as in longest, not over the hills). Because our families are so close, she has received many ornaments from my mom over the years and also has a tree full of memories. So this year to commemorate her wedding a couple of months ago, I am sending her this cute personalized Wedding Couple

Wedding Couple Ornament

Even through we don’t have a fireplace (welcome to new homes in Florida), our stockings are hung with care on our entertainment center. This year we are decking our halls with a new set of monogrammed stockings from Personal Creations. 

Christmas stockings

I just love the Knit Argyle / Snowflake Stockings I choose. Festive red and green with pom-pom balls, they look like traditional stockings and they make me smile all hung in a row waiting to be filled by Santa on Christmas Eve. 

Christmas Stockings Personal Creations

I still have more decorating to do, I am so behind this year, but the tree is set and our stockings are hung. I think I will turn on some Christmas carols and enjoy.

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12 thoughts on “A Christmas Tree Filled With Memories”

  1. I love when people ask this question so when I saw this on Twitter I had to jump over and comment. Yes, my tree is filled with memories of my childhood, Tim’s, and of course the boys. It is an “ugly tree” because nothing matches. However it is a heartfelt tree so that is what matters. But the inside of my brain where the OCD lives, makes me long for a gorgeous tree with matchy matchy ornaments, lights, tinsel and whatever else I can have to make it look like something straight of of the Macy’s showroom floor. Maybe one day I’ll have two trees. People do that, I call those people over achievers.


    • You would love my tree Lee – all memories 🙂 I think someday I will have a 2nd tree too — my mom does that. Her 2nd tree is amazing. But that the heart of it, the memory tree is the one I LOVE to decorate. It is the one that makes me smile. 🙂

    • That’s neat that you still have your childhood stocking. My mom still has ours (and fills them for us at her house every year). She made our stockings for us too. So I love it. But I am glad she keeps it there, it is kind of special that way. And I LOVE my memory tree, it is beautiful in it’s own special way 🙂

  2. I agree, those stockings rock… I am all for personalized ornaments… I think it would be great when my kids get older, that each of them have ‘their’ ornaments…

  3. I really need to invest in some new stockings next year that match – ours are so eclectic and I would like something more ‘chic’ since we actually have a fireplace mantle now (first one in the 4 homes we’ve lived in!). I’ll be checking Personal Creations out for some. I’ve ordered other things from their site and have always been happy with the quality.


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