Clearblue: The First Home Pregnancy Test That Tells You How Far Along You Are

I am pretty sure most (if not all) moms remember the exact moment they discovered they were pregnant — especially with their first. It has been more than six years since that first memorable moment for me, and it really still feels like it just happened. (Don’t even get me started on how fast my baby has grown up!)

When we decided to start trying to get pregnant, the first thing I did was buy a pregnancy test so I would be prepared. I know some people buy a test when they think they actually are pregnant, but I wanted to be prepared. Every movie and TV show I have ever seen has depicted pregnancy tests with pink lines and people being confused by said lines. That sounded complicated to me.

So when I bough pregnancy tests, I had no interest in pink lines. I went straight for the ClearBlue tests that answered the question with clarity — pregnant or not pregnant. Hello it was 2007, time to get digital with the pregnancy test, right?

Then one day I was sitting at work. I felt nauseous. Like really nauseous. I felt horrible. And then all at once I knew. I could barely make it until lunch — a mixture of nausea and excitement. I was certain. At lunch, my husband and I rushed home — to my stash of tests. 

One test later, and it was as clear as day — pregnant.

Clearblue Pregnancy Test Positive

We were beyond thrilled, and there was no confusion.

The next question, how far along?

I got out the calendar and after a lot of calculations I had a pretty good handle. But how nice it would have been to know in a glance whether or not you were pregnant AND how far along?

Now with the Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test with Weeks Estimator you can. The Clearblue Weeks Estimator tells you right on the screen whether you are 1-2, 2-3 or 3+ weeks pregnant. Geniusness I tell ya. 

Clearblue Pregnancy Test with Weeks Estimator

Sounds cool, but how?

The Clearblue Weeks Estimator test uses two strips to measure hCG levels (unlike other tests that use one strip). One strip has a high–sensitivity strip to detect low levels of hCG, expected in early pregnancy, while the low–sensitivity strip detects higher levels of hCG, typical when pregnancy is more than 3 weeks since ovulation. Used together the test can estimate how far along you are with one simple, at home test.

How accurate is it?

According to the Clearblue website, it is approximately 93% accurate in estimating how many weeks based on time since ovulation. 

Now that is a high-tech pee stick! 

The Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test with Weeks Estimator is available at CVS or

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