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“Game, game, game.” Even my toddler loves to play games on the iPad, but finding “games” that are educational as well as fun is a bit of a challenge. Plenty of apps look educational until you plop down the money to buy them only to find out they are just fluff. Sound familiar?

If my kiddos are going to spend time on the iPad, a Sunday morning treat in our house, then I want them to learn something. Well, at least a healthy dose of learning along side some fun. 

Wouldn’t it be swell if you could read a real, unbiased review of apps before your purchase them to find out not only if the app works as it should but also if it provides a real educational value?

The people who created Balefire Labs agree — it would be swell. So they developed a site to do just that. 

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Balefire Labs makes it easy to browse by subject and age or even search by keyword for appropriate apps. My Kindergartner loves math apps and I am working with her on reading so for me I can search for reading/writing apps for a 5 year old and then I can search for some math apps too. 

When browsing apps, Balefire provides responses in a grid-like format where each app is given either a green check or a red x under the following 12 categories:

  • Feedback for Correct Responses
  • Error Feedback
  • Adapting Difficulty
  • Error Remediation 
  • Mystery-Based Instruction
  • Frequent, Meaningful Interaction
  • Clearly-Stated Learning Objectives
  • Relevant Screen & Sound Use
  • Learner Support Available
  • Easy-to-Use Interface 
  • Age-Appropriate Reading Level 
  • Performance Reports

This allows you to quickly compare apps to see which ones might be a good fit. From there, you can drill down and get a review of each app you are interested in learning more about. 

Currently, Balefire Labs only evaluates apps on the iOS system. Since my husband’s old iPad seems to have been taken over my our girls, it works well for these apps. But I have an Android phone, so I am excited to get some feedback on the Android apps that are available too. (Per Balefire’s FAQ, Android is coming soon.)

Balefire Labs is a subscription service. You can either pay month-to-month for $3.99 or you can subscribe for a year subscription with a discount of $1 per month and only pay $2.99 per month.

Balefire Labs


Three lucky winners (yep 3) will receive a one-year subscription to Balefire Labs.

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Contest ends September 29, 2013.

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