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I am a Shutterfly photo book junkie. I’ve been making Shutterfly photo books for more than five years, and I have two shelves on my bookcase full of them. My current count is just shy of 30 books (with an additional 25 books created for me by my mom).  

So when Shutterfly launched Photo Story, a new iPad/iPhone app for creating photo books, it was only a matter of time before I tried it.

Shutterfly Photo Story iPad App

Initially, I had concerns about how I would get my photos into the app. I don’t store any photos on my iPad, so I wasn’t sure how that process would work. But when I finally got around to opening the app for the first time I was thrilled. The Shutterfly app gives you four options for photos: Instagram, Facebook, your photo library and from your Shutterfly account.

Hold up – the Shutterfly app allows you to import pictures directly from Instagram and Facebook. That is a first for Shutterfly! And for a mom who is a wee bit obsessed with Instagram (follow me on Instagram here), I was crazy excited! 

Shutterfly iPad App Photobooks Instagram

Instantly I had a plan, I needed to make a quarterly Instagram book for 2013. 

I logged into Instagram and pulled in all of my Instagrams from April – June 2013. Then because my husband is also awesome on Instagram, I logged into Facebook and pulled his Instagram pictures into my book too. It was crazy quick, and I pulled in more than 100 photos. 

Here is the things about my photo books, I spend hours, HOURS creating each one. Shutterfly has so many fabulous options for customization, and I tend to go overboard on making my books perfect. But I love them, so I pour over them. The Shutterfly app, on the other hand is a much more simplified version of Shutterfly’s design process. Don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty of ways to customize your book, but not nearly as many options as the full version of Shutterfly.

Shutterfly App Photobook How To

For me, for a book filled with a snapshot of our life (Instagram) the simplified version was perfect. After messing around with the app to test things out for a bit, I got started on my design. From start to finish, I created my entire photo book in about an hour. A record for me.

Oh, and did I mention, I created my photo book in the car on the way to the beach with no Internet. I was totally mobile on my iPad!

Quarter two is complete and ordered. Next up, I have already pulled in my Instagrams for Q1, and I plan to create them on the road next week on the way to Port Canaveral for our Disney Cruise. 

I have a new car riding hobby!

How To Create A Photo Book Using Shutterfly’s Photo Story iPad App

Choose Your Images – Adding pictures is a simple as logging into the account you want to bring your pictures in from and then clicking on the images you want to import. (Tip – you can always add more pictures later and you don’t have to use all of the pictures you import.) 

Choose a Style And Size for Your Book – Your style sets the tone for your book, and you can select from 10 styles. Then you have three size choices 8×8, 8×11 and 12×12. (Tip – unlike the full version of Shutterfly once you select your style it cannot be changed for this book.)

How To Make A Shutterfly Book

Allow The App To Place Images – The app can place your images for you (in chronological order) if you like. I found this feature fantastic! It paired pictures taken on the same day together, and while I made adjustments along the way it was a great time saver that worked well. (Tip – You can even do basic photo edits within the app adding filters and removing red eye.)

Customize Your Book – Change layouts, backgrounds and add text. Although the app does not have the option of adding elements like the full version, it does have some fun layouts with elements included. (Tip – you cannot remove elements from the pre-designed layouts.)


Add Your Voice – One of the unique features of books created with the app is the ability to add your voice to every page. No, you can’t hear your voice in the printed book, but you can share it with friends and family via the app and they can hear your voice. Plus your printed book will include a QR code so you can access the book in the app to listen to your story.

Order Your Book – When you are ready, you can order the book directly from the app. Easy Peasy. (Tip – your book will NOT appear in your projects on But if you want to order other products with your book, you can share your book with yourself and order it online that way.)

Shutterfly iPad App

Your Shutterfly Mission

Download the FREE Shutterfly Story Book App (sorry, it only works on iPad 2 and higher), start designing a fabulous book and  enter the giveaway below for your chance to win a free 8×8 Shutterfly book. Go!

Shutterfly Photo Story iPad App for photo books


Download Shutterfly Story App


One lucky winner will receive a 20 page 8×8 photo book so you can turn your memories into a keepsake.

To enter – Please use the Rafflecopter form below to take advantage of your entry opportunities.

MANDATORY ENTRY MUST BE LEFT AS COMMENT ON BLOG POST BELOW– then you can check off in Rafflecopter that you did it. Otherwise, all other entries will be invalid. *** PLEASE be sure to read instructions in Rafflecopter form as to what to comment about.***

Contest ends September 13, 2013.

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  1. The above link didn’t work for me but I’ve been on the site many times before. I love how the video walks you thru the process. It really takes you step by step so you can make your photo book look its best.

  2. Hope you can help–how do I delete a photo from a book as you are creating it? I accidently uploaded one I did not want to include and now cannot find a way to delete it. Thanks for any help you can provide.

    • I am trying to remember off the top of my head – I know you can because I have done it. If you don’t mind it being in the file, just don’t want it in the book you can just not put the picture on a page. But can also delete it completely, to do so you will need to click on the photo in the tray at the bottom (not in the book). If you have trouble, I suggest live chatting with Shutterfly support. They can walk you through step by step.


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