What Was Your Best Summer Moment?


It’s funny. At the start of summer vacation, I always seem to dread the long weeks ahead. How will I keep both girls entertained 24-7 for 10 weeks. But by mid July a panic sets in – summer is almost over and that means I have to send my daughter back to school. (And this  year full-day Kindergarten at that.) 

At the beginning of the summer I created a bucket list of things I wanted to do with the K before she headed back to school, and I am pleased to report that we did nearly everything on the list. Now that she is back in school, and I am missing her, Coca-Cola challenged me to share some of our best moments of summer. (Thank goodness for Instagram.)

We celebrated the first day of summer with a picnic.

Picnic at the park

K performed her second dance recital.

Dance Bun

K hosted her very first Lemonade Stand (and made approximately $2). 

Lemonade Stand

We took a family trip to the beach.


We celebrated the 4th of July at Mimi and Papa Jack’s beach house.


We took the girls to meet “the real live Octonauts.” (Summer made.)

Captain Barnacles Kwazii Cat Octonauts

And we said goodbye to summer with a pool party.


It was a busy summer!

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95 thoughts on “What Was Your Best Summer Moment?”

  1. My best summer moment is when I got to go to my brother’s wedding and He made a toast that was so inspiring to me. I am just so thankful that my brother is here today because he almost died 3 years ago!

  2. I was hoping to say the birth of my 3rd grandson but guess he wants to wait up to the last day to arrive, so I will say the baby shower I threw for my daughter

  3. Best summer moment was a two day get away that was totally free. It was so nice to get with hubby and just relax. That is my best summer moment.

  4. i went to a Beatles themed birthday party it was the most fun ever ,we played name that tune Beatles songs and name that prices of 1963 crazy little hippy buses and even a photo booth

  5. Our best summer moment was going camping for a week and being able to relax together as a family in the peace and quiet away from the city. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!


  6. Like many, summer means trips to the shore. Here in NJ, so many were touched by their summer trips to the shore. We survived Hurricane Sandy and the Shore reconstruction really symbolized the resilience of the area.

  7. Actually, we didn’t have a fun summer moment yet–it’s been a rough year around here. But we still three weeks before Summer is officially over, so there is hope.

  8. My best summer moment was having my granddaughter visit me by herself and stay for the first time..! She stayed five days and we had so much fun! We visited the Science Museum in St.Louis and then I flew with her on a plane to take her home to her mommy and daddy in Houston Texas and then got to visit my other grandchildren as well. Love your pictures on your post!

  9. My best moment was taking my daughter to the airport so she could see her father for the first time in 8 months. He is stationed in Korea and we are living in the states. She was so happy and had no negative reaction to it all. Was amazing to see my almost 3 year old at the time so excited and half asleep at the same time!

  10. My best summer moment took place last summer when I finally met my longtime pen pal/bff in person:) We’ve been writing letters since 1990 & have shared so many things, including being pregnant at the same time (twice)~she’s the sister I never had & hopefully someday I can travel out to California to visit her~

  11. gettn good news that my preemie son was very healthy and doing what he should be doin like the average baby would be! so happy!

  12. Relatives from Texas came to visit us here in Florida for a week… we did LOT’s of fun stuff but our favorite was going to Disney World.

  13. When I could finally take my daughter swimming near the end of the summer. She hadn’t been able to go all summer because she had a central line. She had such a blast it made my whole summer.

  14. My best summer moment is yet to come. I am going on a trip to Honduras next week. I am so excited and sure to have a lot of fun.

  15. My best summer moment was picking peaches to preserve and eat with my family, my son sitting on my husbands shoulders to reach the higher ones.

  16. My best summer moment was watching my teenage son compete to qualify for the Junior Olympics in St. Louis. He ended up qualifying! Thanks.


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