Stay Cool & Hydrated This Summer With Coke® Products From Sam’s Club

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It’s summertime, and that means it is hot, hot, hot outside. Whether we are playing outside or just running errands, the summer heat gets to all of us – especially here in Florida. Light clothing, blasting AC, plenty of dips in the pool and, of course, staying hydrated are the best ways for staying cool and beating the summer heat.

For everyday adventures I routinely keep my car stockpiled with bottles of water. Long ago my husband used to joke with my mother about her overflowing stash of half drunk water bottles, and recently upon surveying my car he told me, “Your mother would be proud” nodding to my own growing collection of bottles of water.

It is a running joke, but I don’t hear anyone laughing when they are thirsty and I am quick with a solution!

Of course nothing beats and icy cold beverage on a hot day (and the bottles of water in my car are far from ice cold). That’s why I also keep my fridge stocked with bottles of water to grab and go (which end up half drunk in my car for later), Powerade® to help combat extreme thirst (favorite flavor — lemon-lime) and Vitamin Water® (for times when I crave a little something sweet).

This summer, keep cool with Coca Cola products products from Sam’s Club. Ready to help keep you and your family hydrated Sam’s Club offers great prices on

  • Dasani®
  • Powerade®
  • Vitamin Water®
  • NOS®
  • Fuze®

My favorite cool tip – freeze bottles of Dasani® the night before. On your way outside, grab a frozen bottle and toss it in a soft-sided cooler. As the bottle melts you will have ice cold water.

Whether you are planning beach trip, sending the kids off to summer camp or enjoying time by the pool (I am doing all of the above!) be sure to keep plenty of cool, hydrating beverages close at hand. Your body will thank you and you will be able to enjoy the summer.


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