Introducing Lance® Xtra Fulls + $1 Printable Coupon

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“Can I have a snack for the car?”

I am not sure at what point our car became a regular snack bar, but somewhere along the road it became habit to have a snack every time we get in the car to go anywhere. Every time.

If the most common question is, “Can I have a snack,” the second most common question is, “Do we have anything new for a snack?” My daughter may be a creature of habit as to when she likes to snack, but she likes to change up what she snacks on. 

So I am always on the hunt for a new snack that is wholesome, filling, easy and yummy. 

After 100 years of snacking, Lance® has decided it is time to change things up and update its classic peanut butter filled crackers — just a little bit. (Wouldn’t you want an update for a 100 Year Celebration?!) Don’t worry, they are the same yummy goodness — just more of it. Introducing xtra flavor and xtra filling — Lance® Xtra Fulls.

More peanut butter!!!

Lance Xtra Fulls Crackers

The new Lance® Xtra Fulls are available in both Toasty Crackers and Toastchee (the orange crackers) with five and six grams of protein respectively. The new Xtra Fulls also contain one and two grams of fiber to help fill up those bellies. 

Toastchee Lance® crackers have been one of my dad’s favorite snacks for as long as I can remember. And while dad isn’t a fan of change, I bet this is one update even he can get behind.

Lance® Xtra Fulls are available at Walmart, and you can save on this newly improved snack with a $1 off Lance Crackers coupon. Print your coupon today, and share a yummy Xtra Fulls snack with your family. 

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