Got Milk? Monsters U Mike & Sulley Do!

As an avid milk drinker and a mom, I start every day with a glass of milk, I love seeing a couple of cuddly monsters showing off their milk ‘stash. Aren’t they cute!

Monsters U Mike Sully Milk Mustache

You know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but did you know that an 8oz glass of milk packs 8 grams of protein — more than an egg. A great what to start your day whether you are a mom, a kid or a monster!

To accompany that delicious glass of milk, The Breakfast Project created three monsterific breakfast treats:

They all look good, but the One-Bite Wonders really have me drooling like a monster!

Got Milk Monsters U Breakfast Treats

So what does breakfast look like in your house? Through May 26, 2013 follow @MilkMustache on Twitter and responding to one of their #MonsterMorning tweets with a picture of your breakfast (with milk, of course) for a chance to win a “Monster Morning”prize pack. One winner will be chosen each day to win a “Monster Morning” basket that includes:

  • Spilt milk bowl
  • Spoon straws
  • “Crustache” sandwich cutter
  • “Monster” pizza cutter
  • Recipe cards
  • “Monster” magnets
  • Miniature magnetic board

You have to check out Mike & Sulley’s Beastly Breakfast Blitz game. Sure, it is meant for kids. But I am just a big kid, right? I just spent the last 15 minutes trying to serve up breakfast to some hungry monsters, and I had way too much fun doing so! Play it yourself, or let the kids play — your call!

Disney Pixar Monsters U Beastly Breakfast Blitz

Oh one more thing — Save the date for June 21, 2013. That’s when Mike & Sully hit the big screen again in Monsters U.

Take a trip back in time to when star Monsters, Inc. employees Mike Wazowski and James P. “Sulley” Sullivan were just two promising young students at Monsters University in this frightfully fun Disney/Pixar prequel. Long before they were lurking in closets for a living, Mike and Sulley were just two Scaring majors at Monsters University, dreaming of the day they would make children shriek in terror. When their heated competition to be the most fearsome in their class gets out of hand, however, Mike and Sulley find themselves ejected from the prestigious Scare Program, and they are forced to seek the aid of their oddball friends in order to get their education back on track. 

Got Milk?

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