Watch Them Grow In A Class Of 20__ Graduation Shirt

Today we celebrated K’s Pre-K graduation. In a few short months she will board the school bus on her way to Kindergarten. If I could keep her small forever, you better believe that I would. But she keeps getting bigger, and more amazing every day. The side-by-side comparison showing her on the first day of Pre-K and the last is remarkable.

For an even more striking comparison, I decided to have a Class of 2026 shirt made for her — in a woman’s size medium. My idea is to snap a photo on the last day school each year until 2026, when she will graduate from high school. (Cross your fingers that I can find it for the next 13 years.)

So here she is for the first time in her Class of 2026 shirt!

Graduation Shirt Class of 2026

Shirt = $6 from Old Navy
Embroidery = $10
Memories = Priceless

Graduation Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse are available here.

Princess Grad Tiara available here.

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  1. This is such a cute idea!! Too bad my daughter just graduated 2nd grade so I’m a couple years behind. I guess I could still do it but it wouldn’t have the same overall effect as starting from VPK


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