5 Reasons Every New Mom Needs A Nursing Pillow

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It is comical how the smallest people (babies) seem to need the most stuff. When I had my first child I discovered that I could live without a lot of baby products available, many of the ones I received collected dust on the shelf seeing little to no use. But then there were some baby products that were used daily, and even some that are used daily for many years. One baby product I could not live without is a nursing pillow.

Yes I nursed my daughters for a long time (13 months with my first and still going strong at 19 months with my second), so that is part of it. But over the years I have found many more uses for nursing pillows than just holding your baby while breastfeeding.

  1. Breast feeding – Clearly the number one reason to own a nursing pillow is if you are breastfeeding, but it is equally helpful to hold your babe while bottle feeding. Breastfeeding is hard, especially those first few months, so it is important to give yourself all of the help you can get. Step one a good nursing pillow.
  2. Great-Grandma – I am very lucky that my grandmother lives close by and is able to see her great granddaughters regularly. But she is old and frail, and she didn’t have the strength to hold my baby. Enter the nursing pillow. Propped up by the nursing pillow sitting securely around her waist, I felt confident letting her hold her great-grandbaby. Precious moments I wouldn’t want to miss. (Works equally well for siblings.)
  3. Tummy time – Nursing pillows are the perfect height to prop up your baby for that all-important tummy time. Of course, you never want to leave you little one unattended, but a nursing pillow can be an excellent support in mastering the skill of head control.
  4. Supported self feeding – Not just for breastfeeding, the nursing pillow can also be used to help support baby as she learns to drink from a bottle. (Even breastfed babies get bottles of breast milk.) The curved pillow is perfect to cradle baby for self feeding.
  5. Play time – While the nursing pillow still gets daily use in our house for breastfeeding, it also sees a lot of play time. From sitting with it on the couch to laying on the floor. Both of my girls love to lay around with the nursing pillow.


I recently checked out the Comfort & Harmony Mombo Deluxe in Taggies Fashion Monkeys nursing pillow. There are several features of the mombo nursing pillow that make it unique from other nursing pillows:

  • Firm2Soft – The most unique feature of this pillow is that while the top part that the baby lies on is soft and squishy, the bottom is a firm foam. This offers baby and mom additional support from the pillow.
  • Unique shape – While the Mombo is U shaped like many other nursing pillows, it is a contoured U. Additionally, because of the firm bottom, the Mombo holds it shape making it more rigid.
  • Taggies – There are several different slipcover patterns including ones with taggies, which are fun for baby and help encourage tummy time.
  • Vibration – The most unique thing about the Mombo nursing pillow is that it comes with a vibration device that can be easily slipped into the pillow to provide gentle vibration. (Another great feature for tummy time and play time.)

Every new mom needs a nursing pillow, even if they don’t plan to breastfeed, and the Mombo is an excellent option. Learn more about the Comfort and Harmony Mombo by following Comfort & Harmony on Facebook and following Comfort & Harmony on Twitter. The Mombo is available at Toys R Us.

Mombo pillow


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  1. Yea! I finally figured out how to comment on this. This would be for myself. It would be useful due to my back & to help hold on to things. <3

  2. I would love to win one for myself because I have never had any kind of nursing pillow before and I’m excited to try and get one this time around.

  3. I would like this for myself. I’m currently expecting, and I have every intention of making breastfeeding work this time around!. And if it fails, at least this pillow could be used for something else for the baby.


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