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This post brought to you by Social Power. All opinions are 100% mine.

When baby girl was six months old, we were enjoying dinner at our favorite BBQ joint when she had a blow out. It wasn’t an epic mess, but she needed a change — stat. So I grabbed my bag, carefully lifted her out of her seat and headed for the restroom. Once inside, I was aghast to discover  there was NO changing table.

Ummmm hello, we were at a family-friendly restaurant. I counted no less than 10 other babies in the restaurant while we dinned that evening. What were all of those moms to do to change their baby’s dirties? (I even blogged about it, and wrote to the restaurant.)

I was left with no choice, it was back out to the car to change my baby girl in the dark, in the parking lot. (Safety concern? I think so!)

Sadly, more than a year later that restaurant still lacks a changing table.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could raise our voices together to be heard and make a difference? That’s the idea behind Social Power. Using the power of social media, everyday people are invited to share their issues in hopes of gathering support.

Check out this short video clip to see what the website is all about:

I decided to give my issue Social Power, and I added it to Social Power. If you agree that changing tables should be in all restaurants, I’d love for you to support my issue. You can even share it with your social networks to give it even more power. It is easy to sign up, and once you do you can lend support to others and even create an issue and ask others to support causes you think are important.

Social Power - Changing Table

Some of my favorite issues I found on Social Power include:

  • Facebook should have a dislike button
  • Airlines provided electrical outlets at every seat/row
  • More people should donate things they own instead of throw them away

So, what issue will you add to Social Power? Together we can make a difference.

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