Wordless Wednesday ~ The New Swing Set

K turns five this week, and to celebrate we got her a swing set. She looked like a game show contestant when we told her about it, squealing with delight. She was even more excited when she came home one day to discover it installed. I predict a lot of time outside this summer, and many years of enjoyment.

New Swing Set

Swing set clubhouse

First Slide

First Swing


25 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday ~ The New Swing Set”

  1. Can you adopt me? I love this!!! What brand is this? We’re seriously contemplating getting a set but this one looks great as it looks more compact, sturdy yet not clunky.

    • LOL! She LOVES it. Everyday (and it has been a full week now). “Mommy, thank you for my swing set. Can we go play on it later this afternoon?” I love it!!! It came from Costco!!!


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