No Time For Breakfast (Again)? It’s Time For Evolve.

Sit down dinner with the family at the table? Check, we do that almost every night (go us!). Sit down breakfast? HA! I am lucky to get everyone out the door in time, there is no time for mom to eat – I have to get the kids going!

Sound familiar?

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and anyone who has hit that wall of hunger by about 10 am will agree. Skipping breakfast is not the way to start the day. Instead of skipping breakfast, I have been known to grab something out of the pantry — say crackers or a cookie — as I run out the door. Not the best choices…

This week I tried something new, instead of Girl Scout cookies for breakfast, I grabbed an ice-cold Evolve protein drink. Just as easy, way fewer calories and surprisingly filling.

Evolve Protein Drink

(Isn’t it cute, and handy, that it comes with a little straw?)

I am a chocolate girl myself, but Evolve comes in five naturally-flavored varieties Chocolate, Vanilla Crème, Café Latte, Strawberry and Mixed Berry for all flavor pallets.

I have the Vanilla Crème saved for my mom. She has a hard time finding protein drinks or bars that she can eat because she is lactose intolerant and most get their protein from milk, but Evolve is lactose-free and gluten-free making this a great new alternative for my mom (who never remembers to eat lunch!). (Hey mom, let me know if you want me to save you one of the other flavors too.)

Even if you are the kind of person who gets up and eats a full breakfast everyday (please tell me how you do it) Evolve is great to keep on hand for the occasional meal replacement on the go. Because Evolve is shelf-stable (meaning it doesn’t have to be refrigerated), you can keep a four-pack in the pantry for months. Of course, keeping one in the fridge is a good idea so there is always a cold one ready.

With my daughter headed off to Kindergarten in the fall, our mornings are about to get even crazier (and earlier). There won’t be more time for breakfast, there will be less! Without a doubt, I am going to need to start relying on time-saving measures to get her to the bus on time and keep my sanity like picking out clothes and packing lunches the night before. A quick protein drink like Evolve is just what I need to get the protein and nutrients I need to start the day.

(BTW – I am all ears for Kindergarten tips if anyone has any to share!)

Evolve Protein Drink Coupon

How would Evolve fit into your busy life and help save you time while filling you up with goodness – breakfast, lunch, snack?

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