SeaWorld’s Just For Kids ROCKS!

What do you get when you combine SeaWorld + a concert + a scavenger hunt? A fun-filled day for the whole family known as SeaWorld’s Just For Kids. And if you have a preschool-aged kid, this is an event not to be missed.

On Saturdays through February 2, 2013, kids can jump, jive and boogie to some of the hottest groups on the preschool scene at SeaWorld Orlando’s Nautilus theater including the Imagination Movers, Laurie Berkner, Choo Choo Soul with Genevieve and the Kratt Brothers.

The Just For Kids festival is more than just a concert series. During the events, families can find Just For Kids booths sprinkled throughout the park offering guaranteed-win midway games, a live DJ, costumed characters and a scavenger hunt that criss-crosses the park.

SeaWorld Just for Kids Orlando Ocean Adventure

Hitting up some of our favorite attractions including Wild Arctic and the sting ray tank, our four year old had a blast on her quest to find all four purple sea star booths. At each exhibit she found a brief challenge that was both fun and educational (way to go SeaWorld). Mini games such as matching animals to their habitats, identifying skeletons and building with Legos provided an opportunity for SeaWorld staffers to talk to little ones about camouflage (K’s new word du jour), animal training and more. It was short enough to keep the kids interested and just the right level for eager preschoolers. (I was impressed.)

Of course, no scavenger hunt is complete without a prize and SeaWorld didn’t disappoint. At the end of the hunt, K was rewarded with her very own Junior Animal Ambassador badge (key chain). She was so excited! (Along the way, each station also offers an animal card mini prize.)

SeaWorld Orlando Just for Kids Junior Animal Ambassador Badge Orlando

I don’t know about you but, I cringe when I walk past the midway. K always wants to play, but she’s four. She’s bound to lose. Just for Kids has the solution, midway games throughout the park where everyone is winner for $3. Yes, please! (Just look at that smile!)

SeaWorld Just for Kids Orlando

And now for the most important part… The Imagination Movers concert!

The Imagination Movers kicked off the four-week series, and my family was thrilled to be in the audience. It was K’s very first concert, and we had a rockin’ good time. (Even mom and dad were impressed with the Movers.) The Imagination Movers put on a good concert!

SeaWorld Just for Kids Imagination Movers Rich

K squealed with delight and the while family got into the fun dancing and singing along with some of our favorite songs, including pop cover songs.

The Movers know how to work a crowd of kids, dancing into the audience and climbing over the bleachers to shake hands with their excited fans. Mid show, K got to shake Mover Rich’s hand!!!

The show ran about 45 minutes, which was a great length.

SeaWorld Just for Kids Imagination Movers Smitty

Mom Tips

Concerts tickets are included in park admission, however, they are handed out on a first-come, first-serve basis beginning at 9 am for all three shows (at 11 am, 2 pm and 4 pm). On the day we attended, 11 am tickets went quick but the 4 pm show wasn’t completely filled (but I can’t say if that will always be true). Even with tickets you need to arrive at least 30 minutes before show time as seats are also first-come.

SeaWorld offers reserved seating to those who book a character breakfast (with Elmo or Shamu) for the morning of the show.

Stick around after the show for a few minutes… you never know who you might catch! No promises, but look what we were able to get… It’s Dave!

SeaWorld Just for Kids Imagination Movers Dave 2

Just for Kids Saturdays, January 12 – February 2.

Jan 12 – Imagination Movers

Jan 19 – Laurie Berkner – Solo!

Jan 26  – Choo Choo Soul with Genevieve

Feb 2 – Kratt Brothers Live featuring the stars of Wild Kratts

A single-day ticket to SeaWorld is $79 or get a SeaWorld fun card and go back to catch all of the Just For Kids days and the rest of 2013 for $89 ($81 for kids 3-9).

SeaWorld’s Just For Kids ROCKS!

Seaworld Just For Kids Concerts Orlando 2013

Park admission was provided, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

9 thoughts on “SeaWorld’s Just For Kids ROCKS!”

  1. Since the Kratt Brothers are not a band do you by any chance know what they will be doing in their show? Leif just loves the Wild Kratts show & learns so much!

    • Ingrid, shows how much I know. Since I am not familiar with the Kratt Brothers and I know all of the other groups are musical numbers, I had no idea they were not. From a little Google search, it appears that they bring different animals on stage. I would think it would follow the idea of the show, just with live animals. But I am really not sure 🙂

  2. We LOVE Seaworld! It is one of our favorite vacation places. When Jackie was 2 she lived in Atlantis where the fish swam under her on the floor. We couldn’t get her out of there!

  3. Thanks for the answer. We are very excited to go. One more question…where do you meet them after the show (if you get lucky enough)?

    • No problem. We got lucky that day. I had to change Syd’s diaper. When I came out of the bathroom with Dave was on the stage leaning down taking pictures with a dozen or so kids that were left in the theater, so we rushed down there. He was in a hurry, but super nice. I would say just stall in the theater and see what happens 🙂


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