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Concerned parents have more resources than ever that help guarantee family safety, security and protection from the consequences of dangerous practices, products and environments. Online resources help parents create safer environments at home, teach children about important safety issues and encourage people to live healthier lives. Toxic chemicals, fire hazards, online predators, bullies and dangerous products could cause severe injuries, permanent disabilities or deaths, so home and neighborhood safety make important issues for family discussions.

The Internet offers an astonishing array of educational resources, but children also face dangers when they go online. Social networks encourage inexperienced young people to share information about families, work schedules, vacation plans and other personal details. Predators easily gain intelligence about potential targets for burglaries, identity thefts and predatory sexual encounters. Parents must stay informed about safety issues to teach their children how to prevent crimes, accidents and risks to health. The American Academy of Pediatrics offers links to many safety services from trustworthy organizations. Parents and children can learn about avoiding abusive situations, understand stranger dangers and get information about date rapes, protecting against sexually transmitted diseases and avoiding teen pregnancies.

Product safety websites offer comprehensive information, safety ratings, energy-efficiency ratings, and other information crucial for making informed buying decisions or learning how to operate equipment safely. Public service companies, PTA organizations, schools, insurance companies and legal firms, such as The Killino Firm, offer resources and advice crucial to avoiding accidents, unsafe products and unsafe practices. Children mature far too quickly when parents fail to supervise their Internet activities. Parents need to understand video games, online safety, parental controls and other information to keep their kids safe from many perils.

Osh.Net offers information about job safety and health issues related to construction, which could prove critical for people who work in trades or plan home remodeling projects. The website offers valuable links to sites with information about media safety, controlling the movies, games and information children view on the Internet and teaching kids to avoid giving out too much personal information on social networks. Consumer reviews and safety-testing websites offer valuable information about how to avoid fires, electrical hazards, and dangerous products that might cause family injuries.

Legal firms recover millions of dollars for injury victims, but avoiding dangers makes the best policy. The Internet offers ways to research products, services, first aid methods, and home safety tips. Online resources offer thousands of websites committed to making safer environments for children, workers and families. These assets offer coloring sheets, posters, quizzes, games and other resources that help drive home the message that safety matters.

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