The Upcoming New York Islanders Season

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The Trajectory Of The New York Islanders 

As with other types of team sports, free agency has had a big impact on the New York Islanders trajectory. In the past, without free agency, hockey players were committed to their team for the life of their contracts. With free agency, they become “free agents” after a period of only five years.

The impact of this falls upon hockey team management who must cope with the high costs of replenishing their teams. The New York Islanders, prior to the impact of free agency, maintained a solid status among hockey teams, with four championships to their credit.

Staying Power Of The New York Islanders 

According to a New York Islander spokesperson interviewed on August 24, 2012, the challenge the New York Islanders face is the expiration of their lease at the New York Coliseum. New York Islander management does not expect the team to be playing at Nassau Coliseum after 2015. However, they are reviewing numerous options and are signing on younger hockey team members who bring fresh approaches to their hockey performances going forward in the 2012-13 season. John Tavares and Islander team members plan one pre-season game in Brooklyn, New York, according to their spokesperson.

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