VTech InnoTab 2 Learning Tablet Review

The day is coming, very soon, that my daughter will school me in technology. OMG I am getting old… Or wait kids are “getting” tech younger, right? I think it is a little of both. My tech-loving four year old has yet another new gadget, and it has more features than my first generation iPad!

The VTech InnoTab 2 recently arrived in our house and its features are oh-so-cool. With tilt sensor, photo viewer, video player, MP3 music player, e-reader, art studio, microphone and more this is one tricked-out “toy.”

VTech Innotab 2 Kids Learning Tablet Camera

K loves it because it has fun games, apps, a camera and more. I love it because like all VTech toys we own there is a learning component to the games she plays, and it means I can actually check my email on my iPad while she’s busy on her InnoTab.

Like the VTech Mobigo 2, the InnoTab 2 comes with everything you need to get started playing including on-board applications and two free downloads from the Learning Lodge Navigator (additional apps are $4.99 each). The only thing you need to supply is batteries. (Hint, get use rechargeables and keep a backup set on hand. You’ve been warned.)

In addition to apps, you can also buy game cartridges that retail for $24.99 each (although you can find them for significantly less on Amazon) featuring your kiddos favorite characters. (A certain princess has already requested a Princess game for Christmas.) For even more fun, an SD card up to 32 GB can be inserted to hold MP3s, movies and more. Yes, movies and MP3s. This thing doubles and triples as a movie and music player too. We’ve already installed an 8 GB card and plan to upload a movie as well as some of K’s favorite tunes on it for an upcoming plane trip we will be taking. I am excited because that’s two fewer devices I have to tote for my daughter on our trip. (Must. Remember. Batteries.)

Another feature beloved by K is the rotating camera lens allows her to take pictures of everything and everything around the house. And when she has had enough of taking pictures of inanimate objects, she can pivot the camera around to take self-portraits galore. Then she can have fun with her pictures by dressing up her photos with graphics. As if that were not enough, she can even video record herself. With a built-in kickstand I predict that she will soon be making videos of her “dance shows” that she so loves to perform.

Let’s talk about that kickstand for a moment. Genius. As you can see, that is easily the most used feature on the device. I do worry that it is a bit flimsy, I fear K leaving it on the floor propped up and someone smashing into it, but I love it nonetheless. And so far she is taking great care with her “big girl” tablet.

VTech Innotab 2 Kids Technology Tablet

There are a number great features that are new to the second generation InnoTab including a camera, kickstand, additional on-board memory and more, all for the original price of $79. Although you can now pick up a first generation device for just $59 on Amazon, this is one case where it is definitively worth springing for the upgrade.

The InnoTab 2 is available in both white (with blue trim) and pink (with hearts), VTech also offers a pink or blue carrying case. Although the InnoTab seems very rugged, I defiantly thing a case is a must. It’s number one on my list of accessories to buy – in pink, of course.

The InnoTab 2 is a hit in our house, and I predict will be on a lot of Christmas wish lists this year. I recommend this device to parents looking to provide an element of learning along with entertainment. The impressive list of features make this a great tablet for kids.

VTech Innotab 2 Kids Learning Tablet

Disclosure – I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for VTech. I received product samples to facilitate my review.

12 thoughts on “VTech InnoTab 2 Learning Tablet Review”

  1. What do you think is the minimum age for this gadget? My oldest is 3 1/2…learning to write at day care. Do you think we should hold out another year?

  2. We have one and both of the kids love it! Kathleen, my youngest is 2 and he can do a few things on it. But it really is a fun learning tool and a great way to provide educational entertainment! Great review and amazing pics!

    • You can download your own movies and watch them. In fact, over the weekend that has become our favorite feature. We loaded up several of my daughter’s digital Disney movies on her InnoTab for our trip to Boston. She enjoyed them on the plane and since we are still stuck here (thanks to Sandy), she still has movies! YEAY! A HUGE plus for this device.

  3. This is a great review. I have a daughter that is four and actually have the Leap Pad 2 in layaway for her. After talking to a friend, it sounds like the Leap Pad is too advanced for her. I am trying to decide between the Mobigo 2 or the Innotab. I think I am leaning towards the Innotab. Thanks for the reviews. Which would you choose?

    • We actually have both the InnoTab & MobiGo http://www.thesuburbanmom.com/2012/08/29/vtech-mobigo-2-portable-touch-learning-system-review. Now, we also have a LeapPad (gen 1), and I disagree that the LeapPad is too advanced for a 4 year old. My daughter actually got it when she was 3, and had no problem navigating it.

      The InnoTab & LeapPad are nearly the same thing. The biggest difference to me is the ability to play your own digital movies on the InnoTab. We loaded our digital copies of Disney movies on it for a trip, and it doubled as a portable movie device and game system. Because the InnoTab is a lower price point, now that it has a camera (gen 1 did not) I would by the InnoTab 2 over the LeapPad 2. I don’t think the LeapPad is $20 better than the InnoTab, in fact it doesn’t have my fave feature (the digital movie part).

      The biggest thing my daughter likes about the MobiGo is the motion and sound activate games. It’s smaller and more compact for playing in the card.

      Personally, if I were to pick one I’d go with the InnoTab because she feels like a big girl playing on it (like mommy’s iPad) and the ability to load movies is fantastic!

      Hope that helps.


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