Lysol’s Healthy Habits Lesson Plans For Teachers (And Parents)

Kids get a lot from school; knowledge, friendship and… germs. Every year its the same story, the kids are healthy all summer long and then when school starts the kids start dropping like flies. It’s a petri dish in there. Did you know germs can live on surfaces like desktops and doorknobs for up to two days or more? No wonder the kiddos get sick! Ahh-choo!

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This school year, Lysol wants to help arm teachers (and parents) against those pesky germs. In addition to antibacterial products to help kill icky germs, Lysol is offering Healthy Habits Lesson Plans on its website filled with ideas to teach kids how germs spread, the importance of hand washing and the importance of healthy habits. Each lesson is presented for three age groups to offer age-appropriate tips to help keep school-aged kids healthy this year.

My K is really into worksheets these days, so I was excited to see several downloadable worksheets available on the site. Great for teachers and parents!

Of course even with lessons about the importance of proper hand washing, germs are bound to invade. When that happens (like it did in our house the second week back to school) Lysol is the “number one Pediatrician recommended brand and trusted champion of killing illness causing germs for over 100 years.” That’s why I followed my little sick one around the house with a tub of Lysol wipes in an attempt to keep those preschool germs from spreading through the family.

Attention Teachers – Lysol is hosting a sweepstakes for $500 to put toward school supplies for the classroom to be awarded to one teacher. The Healthy Classrooms Sweepstakes ends September 14, 2012 so be sure to enter for your chance to win. (Hint, you can earn bonus entries by creating and uploading your school supply list.)

Lysol’s commitment to fighting germs and keeping clean and disinfected schools goes beyond health initiatives in the classroom. Lysol also maintains dedicated relationships with the Global Hygiene Council, the National Education Association, pediatric expert Dr. Laura Jana, and the CDC in order to improve the health and well-being of students and schools nationwide.

Good luck keeping your students healthy this year!

I partnered with Lysol for this post, however, all opinions my own.

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  1. I was a huge Lysol fan as a teacher. then my school made a rule we could not have any cleaning items in our classrooms! 🙁 So it’s good to see Lysol reaching out to educators! 🙂


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