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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of MiO Energy for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you noticed that some people have awesome Facebook Timeline Cover Images? Facebook has made is easy to use a single photo, but if you want something like a cool collage you’re on your own. Since not everyone has the mad Photoshop skills needed to make a fancy cover image, MiO Energy wants to help everyone make their Facebook cover image rock with a simple-to-use Facebook Photo Generator tool. (It really is super simple.)

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How to make your MiO cover photo:

  • Start with a MiO energy custom design (there are four to choose from), and then click “add photo” to insert photos from your Facebook albums.
  • Use the “Scale and Rotate” sliders to position and size your image until it looks just right.
  • Don’t like it, just start over. (I think I started over about a dozen times!)
  • Once you like your image click “Download image” to save your new MiO Energy cover to your computer.
  • Finally upload to Facebook and sit back to enjoy.

Because I have so many favorite images, I selected the cover design that allowed me to include the most pictures. The image generator was really easy to use and after perfecting my image, this is what I came up with. Whatcha think?


Have you tired MiO Energy yet? I haven’t tried the Energy flavors (Green Thunder and Black Cherry) yet, but I have used the regular MiO Water Enhancer – it is really good. I am always surprised how much flavor just a couple of drops of MiO pack when added to a glass of water. The lemonade flavor is my favorite – perfect for summer!

Have fun making your new cover image.

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  1. These look great with the use of photos.

    Have you seen some new professionally made face book timeline templates?

    If not you might just want to check these out.


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