You Have To What? Activate Your Drink? Cool.

Do you ever get something new, glance at the directions and then toss them to the side thinking, “I don’t need directions for this!”? Yeah, me too. And then sometimes I realize why the item in question came with directions in the first place. Case in point, who needs directions for a flavored water? Ummm, you do if you are drinking Activate.

Ok so not reading the directions wasn’t the end of the world when I opened my first bottle of Activate, but boy was I surprised. I noticed the colorful twisty cap on top of the bottle, but I thought it was just a clever sports cap. So twist…

“What is that?!?!”

You see, Activate is a different kind of flavored water. Before you drink it, you have to… well… Activate it. When I twisted the colorful cap, I was surprised to see powder fall from the cap into the water. That powder was the vitamins and flavoring, and until I released it from its chamber the bottle was just plain old water. (I would have been really surprised if I opened the bottle and drank the water without releasing the powder.)

Activate Flavored Water

Activate comes in a variety of flavors, contains zero calories and is sweetened with Stevia. Plus it is just plain cool with a wow factor you don’t get from any other drink that I can think of. Each flavor of Activate is enhanced with a different variety of nutrients to improve your beauty (antioxidants), energy, immunity and more. And, of course, electrolytes to keep you hydrated on a hot summer day.

We tried Activate at the splash park one sunny Saturday morning, and once the shock wore off we were left with a delicious and refreshing flavored water packed with good-for-you nutrients.

One more thing to love – the bottles are made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials!

Disclosure – I was provided samples, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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