Congratulations Mr & Mrs Panda Bear!

Last week I had the privileged of standing next to my sister as she pledged her wedding vows to her best friend. It was a beautiful ceremony followed by a great party with all of the exquisite details one would expect from my sister, but all of the attention to the decor’s details paled in comparison to my beautifully radiant sister.

Sure, I am bias. But it is true. She was a gorgeous bride.

Beautiful Bride

As the matron of honor, I felt like the old married lady in a group of newly married women standing beside my sister on her special day – the only one with kids in tow. But setting aside my old-lady feeling, I was excited for her. I stood there, watching her dance with her new husband dreaming with her about what the years will bring.

Of course my girls were asked to be flower girls, and K dutifully performed her task slowly making her way down the aisle dropping precious petals as her Aunt had requested – busting at the seems with excitement. But that long walk down the aisle was a breeze compared to the her special job at the reception. K was asked to bless the meal.

K loves to say grace at dinner, and it has become tradition that she says grace followed by a giant “amen” from the family. While she is accustomed to saying her dinner prayer, I worried about how she would do in front of all those people on a microphone. But mom need not worry. She was a pro! Speaking loudly and clearly, she was a little star. And she loved it.

After grace, it was time for a champagne toast. First up was my father, followed by the best man (groom’s brother) and myself. Of course, true to form I was mid feeding the baby when it was my turn at the mic. Nice. You know that moment when you are talking and you realize you are saying the same thing over and over? Yeah, that was me. I think I used the word happy about 10 times in a one minute speech. But I got through it, and I think it went over well. I even got a few chuckles.

But the joy wasn’t over for my little four year old. When it came time for the bouquet toss, she made her way to the dance floor ready to nab those flowers. Of course, she missed. But seconds later, the gal who caught the bouquet made her night when she handed the flowers over. No, K did not participate in the garter portion… but she did take home those flowers and she clutched them proudly for the rest of the night.

Flower Girl Wedding Flowers

It was a big night for my sister, but it was also a big night for my daughter.

Oh and in case you are wondering who the Panda Bears are… My sister’s new last name is too difficult to pronounce, but it sounds enough like panda that she quickly dubbed her new uncle “Uncle Panda Bear.”

So congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Panda Bear. May you have a lifetime of happiness together.

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