Need New Glasses? Get A Free Pair Of Prescription Lenses Too!

You know those giant wrap-around sunglasses that old people wear over their normal glasses? Those are soooo not cool. But prescription sunglasses are expensive, so they are certainly a cheaper option than buying a pair of prescription sunglasses. You know what is also a cheaper option that looks a million times better? A coupon for a free pair of prescription sunglasses lenses when you buy a pair of glasses. Isn’t that a better option? LOL.

I jest off course, I know my readers wouldn’t actually wear those terrible wrap arounds. But I am serious about the coupon. The best part about the coupon is that you can use this coupon to go to your local eye doctor to get glasses. That’s right, you can go to the doctor of your choosing to get an eye exam, pick out new specs, get fitted and get a pair of lenses for prescription sunglasses free.

Hoya Free Sunglasses Lenses Printable Coupon

The coupon is brought to you by HOYA. Never heard of the company? I hadn’t either, but they are one of the leading manufactures of lenses. Since they supply 3,000 local eye doctors all over the country with lenses, they are the ones offering you the freebie. (Thanks HOYA!)

To get your free sunglasses lenses, the first thing to do is find a HOYA expert on HOYA’s website. Then visit (and like) HOYA’s Facebook page to print the coupon. (You will see the “Get Free Lenses” promo button at the top of the Facebook page.)

The fine print on the Summer SUNsations promotion:

  • Visit a participating eye-care provider
  • Order your primary pair of glasses and a second frame and you get your prescription sun lenses for free (same prescription ordered at the same time for the same patient).
  • Not available all prescriptions. Some restrictions and fees may apply. Ask your eye care provider for more details.
  • Promotion ends on 8/31/12.

What are you waiting for? Grab your coupon and protect those eyes this summer with a new pair of prescription sunglasses courtesy of HOYA.


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