Celebrating Summer At The Beach

This 4th of July I am counting my blessings. Not just because I live in the land of the free and get to spend a week at the beach with my girls (although that would be a good enough reason), but because last week a tornado spared my parent’s beach house. Eight days ago a tornado rocked the sleepy little island of Pass-a-Grille, hopping to and fro, twisting trees, ripping roofs and generally reeking havoc. I knew it was a narrow escape for my parents, but I didn’t realize how narrow until I arrived.

The tornado touched down in our side yard stripping a palm tree bare, ripping a ceiling fan from the porch and causing facial damage to the side of the house. Then it hopped over the top of the house and touched down on the other side ripping off the banister. Yes, it hit both sides of the house but didn’t touch the structure of the house. AMAZING. Other homes, unfortunately, were not so lucky.

But here I sit enjoying a beautiful summer day at the beach preparing for the big day — the 4th of July!

Beach House

At the beach Nestle Drumsticks are a desert staple for my family, so I when I was asked to purchase Drumsticks to share for an event I laughed. This is something we do anyway, so it was a perfect fit. I don’t know why Drumsticks and the beach go hand in hand to us, but for as long as I can remember mom’s freezer at the beach is always well stocked with Drumsticks. People know to request them at our 4th of July celebration.

I don’t know about you, but no one around here feels like cooking after spending a long day at the beach. We have dinner on the 4th of July covered – potluck style – but we need easy meals the rest of the week too. So before all the chaos fun begins tomorrow, I headed out to Walmart to pick up Drumsticks and Tombstone Pizza for dinner with the family after the 4th. I haven’t visited the Walmart at the beach in years, but I got a good chuckle at all of the beach specific stuff this Walmart carries for beach goers. (See my entire Walmart shopping trip here.)

Florida Walmart

Before I headed out mom warned me not to get too many Drumsticks because she already bought some. But I really wanted a chocolate Drumstick with nuts, so I went with a box of eight. When I got home to put them in the freezer, I was glad I only bought one box. Mom had three more boxes of eight! We are well stocked for sure!

Nestle Drumsticks

I have a little more relaxing to do before the kids wake up from their naps, so I’ll leave you with my peaceful view. Enjoy and stay tuned for pictures of our little shindig. (Why yes, my toes are red, white and blue.)

The View at the Beach

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