I ♥ Old Navy BEST-TEES

Back in the day, before kids, I considered myself some what of a fashionista. I liked clothes, and I enjoyed getting dressed up to head to work every day. Fast forward two kids and my uber fashionable, dry-clean-only clothes makes no sense in my stay-at-home routine. My fashion style has turned into jeans/shorts and a tee — every day.

I am not complaining, I am comfy. And what’s more with cute-fitting tees in every color of the rainbow, I am still stylish… Kind of 🙂 But here’s the most important part. If I am going to wear tees everyday, it can’t be the same tee. So my closet is full of tees, which means they also have to be affordable. And since my mom lifestyle isn’t going anywhere, they also have to hold up well in the wash. (Especially with a baby around because some days I go through multiple tees.)

Old Navy has redesigned its tees making them softer and more contoured to fit a gal’s curvy shape, and I am fan. BEST-TEES come in a variety of styles like fitted, vintage and perfect with cuts including crew neck, v-neck, scoop-neck, long-sleeved, hoddies and tanks.  While I selected a charcoal tee to review, Old Navy definitely offers tees in every color so you can update your wardrobe with a variety of comfy tees. The best part, BEST-TEES are $14.50 and under (at full price). (Note, hoodies are $22.95.)  Many of the styles are only $8.50. So you really can update your entire mom wardrobe, even on a budget (especially if you wait for a sale or coupon code!).

This is me in my charcoal, crew neck. As you can see it is a nice long length, which I really like. My BEST-TEE is paired with Old Navy jean capris, in case you were wondering. I think I am pretty stylish, and I am definitely super comfy.

Old Navy Best Tees

Oh, and you can outfit the whole family in BEST-TEES. The BEST-TEES are available for men and children too. My husband recently picked up a men’s BEST-TEE, and he loves how soft it is. BTW – If you love monogrammed and embroidered shirts for kids as much as I do, ON BEST-TEES are perfect. The tees come in lots of great colors and are only $5 each when you buy two or more.

I ♥ Old Navy BEST-TEES and so does Mr. T. Check out Mr. T’s ad for BEST-TEES:



Disclosure – I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Old Navy and received a product sample to facilitate my review, and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

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  1. You look great in your BEST TEE! I agree with you on the length of the tees…they are perfect, and that is hard to find!

  2. Honestly, your picture looks very fabulous and you are beautiful 🙂 The Old Navy Tee looks simply but nice! I love it
    Thank You for sharing your review 🙂


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