Everyday Uses for Q-Tips Precision Tips ~ $25 Giveaway

In our house, there is only one brand of cotton swabs – Q-tips. Once, several years ago, I bought generic cotton swabs. “I buy generic for nearly everything else, why not cotton swabs?” I figured. Well, I figured wrong. They were awful. Not enough cotton so they were poky and they bent too easily in the middle. Major failure. In complaining to my mother, she pointed out that was why we always used Q-tips growing up. Generic cotton swabs just aren’t the same.

When Q-tips asked me to check out its newest product, Precision Tips, I was more than happy to check them out. I am happy to report that Q-tips Precision Tips live up to the Q-tips name.

So what are Q-tips Precision Tips? Very simply, they are pointy Q-tips. Not quite as puffy, the cotton on Precision Tips seems to hold it’s shape better than regular Q-tips making it great for all kinds of uses.

Q-tips vs Precision Tips

With my daughter’s upcoming birthday party, I put Q-tips Precision Tips to the test applying lip gloss and eye shadow to all the little girls at the “beauty station.” I am happy to report, excellent application.

Q-tips Precision Tips are also fantastic at getting after clumps of mascara on your eyelashes and cleaning up and untidy eyeliner line. And when applying nail polish, Q-tips Precision Tips make quick work of cleaning up messy edges. Need to clean a tight space, like your key board — Q-tips Precision Tips to the rescue! (Why yes, I did just stop witting this post long enough to clean my keyboard with Q-tips Precision Tips. LOL)

These are just a few of the everyday tests I have put the Q-tips Precision Tips to in my house. There are oddles of uses for this new product, any time you need a little more control. Just don’t go cleaning your ears out with these things — they are too pointy for that task.

Who’s ready to put Q-tips Precision Tips to the test in their home?

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Disclosure – I was provided promotional items to facilitate this post, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

284 thoughts on “Everyday Uses for Q-Tips Precision Tips ~ $25 Giveaway”

  1. I would use the precision tips on the computer keyboard, to clean the hard to reach areas on the blinds, possibly for makeup application, etc.

  2. we use Q-tips for a variety of things… but the new precision tips would make cleaning out the computer ‘guts’ so much easier & probably safer!

  3. I use it to clean the pc keyboard and other small electronics, and as paint brush for my nephews.


  4. I would use them to remove make-up or to apply make-up evenly, to clean my keyboard and to clean the pug’s wrinkled face. 🙂 Thank you.

  5. I use the Q-Tips Precision tips to remove makeup. My husband would use them to clean small parts when he is fixing things.

  6. I would use to clean hard to reach areas on my counter tops and shower, make up, nail polish and cleaning the soles on my kids shoes

  7. One look down at my keyboard and I knew what the first thing I’d do with Q-Tips Precision Tips would be. 🙂 They’d do a great job with it! Katharina

  8. The computer keyboard idea above looks genius! I would also use it to help take make-up off. That tip would work a lot better than a usual q-tip.

  9. I would use them for all sorts of things cleaning ears, between keys on my computer board cleaning around the sink faucets, etc.

  10. I would them to clean where the toilets meets the floor, that little seal gets mighty dirty!

    Lyndsey.rullman at hotmail dot com

  11. My keyboards (home and work) are just nasty looking, but I always have trouble getting them cleaned. That would be the first thing I’d use these for.


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