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I spend a lot of time running all over town for everything my family needs – the grocery store, drug store, craft store, baby store, pet store, etc. Everything my family needs seems to come from a different place.

As a big fan of online shopping, I buy what I can online, but one thing I have never purchased online is dog food. Mostly because I pretty much only buy online when I can get free shipping. When I was asked to review Mr. Chewy, the first thing I noticed was that all-important free shipping. You have to spend a minimum of $49 to qualify for said free shipping, but since we always need dog food I have no problem stocking up if it will save me trips to the store and the cost of shipping.

Mr. Chewy

Long before kids, the pitter patter of little feet in our house came from our our four-legged pups. Although they still look like puppies, Bear and Bella are now seven and six years old respectively. I don’t know how we managed it, but somehow we got the smallest dog in the litter – twice. (They weren’t runts, they were the same size as their brothers and sisters, they just never grew.) Just look at those adorable faces, aren’t they sweet.

Bella and Bear

Once upon a time, they ruled the roost. Back then, I even carted Bear around in a tote and made sure she had fancy collars. Nowadays, the kids tend to get top-billing in the house, but Bear and Bella are always around for a snuggle or toe-licking. So while the girls live a low-key doggie life, it is important to me to continue to buy the brand of dog food they are used to because Bear is picky and for a little dog our Bella has to watch her weight (she tends to overeat).

Since Mr. Chewy carries more than 70 brands of dog food and pet treats, I was pretty sure I would find the girls favorite food, and I was right. I was able to buy a 18-pound bag of their favorite food and Greenies for less than $50. Since I wanted to go over that magical $49 mark, I threw in Beggin’ Strips – a real treat because I don’t buy them often. But since they were less than shipping, I was happy to do it.

Pro Plan Dog Food & Greenies Treats

After placing my order, I immediately received an order confirmation followed shortly by a shipping notification. I was surprised and pleased at how quickly my items arrived. (Great news for those of us who tend to not think about getting more dog food until we are nearly out!)

Need just one more incentive to check out Mr. Chewy? How about 10% off your order and a $10 donation made to an animal charity on your behalf? Use the coupon code JEN6124 at check out and that’s exactly what you will get. Nice huh?

Disclosure – I was provided a gift card to facilitate this review, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. thank you so much for the promo code!! i used it to buy a 29.7 pound bag of orijen 6 fish which would have cost me $79.99 but only paid $61.19 after also signing up for schedeled delievery (can be postponed or cancelled any time).


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