Disney’s Treasure Buddies Review

The Buddies are back in in their sixth adventure, and this time their travels take them on a treasure hunt in the desert of Egypt. In order to save all of dogkind (and mankind too) from being enslaved by cats, the Buddies must beat the devious kitty Ubasti in the race to finding the Cat’s Eye jewel, from the lost treasure of Cleocatra. Along the way they team up with a smart-taking, fast-fingered monkey named Babi and a cute baby camel named Cammy who join them in their search.

The newest story in the Buddies series has all of the lovable moments kids adore about the adventuresome pups. Whereas the last Buddies movie (Spooky Buddies) received much criticism for being too spooky and focusing more on the kids than the pups, Treasure Buddies returns to  the fun-loving, pup-centered stories that made kids (and parents) fell in love with the talking pooches in the first place.

Treasure Buddies

When we sat down to watch Treasure Buddies, K kept remarking about all of the sand. That’s when we realized she had no concept of a desert, so it opened up the opportunity to teach her about deserts and how the land is different in different places all over the world. Of course, she loved the buddies, but I loved the opportunity to teacher something I had not thought of before.

Treasure Buddies has a distinctive Indiana Jones feel, complete with a Fedora-wearing archaeologist. It’s perfect for family movie night for little ones with enough humor thrown in for the adults too. Another winner from the Disney Buddies series.

Treasure Buddies is now available on Amazon, which has the DVD for $17.99 and Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack for $24.99. Plus for a limited time, Disney Reward members can get a free Buddies plush (in addition to the points) when they enter the rewards code from the movie into their account (just pay $2.99 shipping), you can also get a carrier for your plush for $4.99.

Treasure Buddies

Disclosure – I was provided a copy of the movie to facilitate this review, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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