What If?

I watched one of the scariest movies a couple of weeks ago. It wasn’t one a slasher flick (I am not really into that genre), it was one of those movies that was unbelievably scary because it could really it happen. It played on one of this mama’s fears. The movie – Contagion.

Haven’t seen it? Well, let me tell you, it is FREAKY. It’s a really good movie, don’t get me wrong. I actually liked the movie. It just scared the pants off of me. To make things worse, I watched it while coming down with something myself (BAD idea). So every time I coughed or sneezed over the following week I felt as though I was surely killing my family.

Without giving anything away (I think it is fairly obvious the premise of the movie from the title), as people became sicker and sicker I started thinking again, “Should I do something more for the ‘What ifs’ of the world.” After a while they are afraid to go out of their house to get food – for months. Grocery stores are trashed and food relief efforts can’t keep up, I really don’t know what they ate. I don’t like to go all paranoid, and I am not an end-of-days nut. But really, if a true epidemic swept through the world wouldn’t I wish I was a paranoid, conspiracy-theory girl with a bunker full of food (and possibly weapons) on hand. (Yep, I also recently saw that episode of House too.)

When bird flu was a real fear, I admit it. I had a prescription of Tamiflu written and filled – just in case. And remember the Antrax scare from several years back. Yep, I had a broad-spectrum antibiotic in my medicine cabinet – just in case. Ok, maybe I am a bit paranoid (see why Contagion freaked me out?). But the food thing in the movie… that really got to me. Places like BuyEmergencyFoods.com have everything you need to stock a pantry for just in case. The only problem is that because I would feel the need to make sure we ate the food before it went bad (I don’t want to be wasteful after all) I would have to get over my thing about freeze dried meat. That might be a deal breaker for me…

By the way, I did end up taking my dose of Tamiflu and my antibiotics when I got sick with something else, so even my drugs didn’t go to waste.

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