Netflix Just For Kids Instant Video Streaming

Netflix Instant Video streaming has become a new personal favorite for K recently, and most of the time when you ask her what she wants to watch her response will be “Netflix”. She’s currently working her way through the Strawberry Shortcake Season 3 episodes, happy as she can be. They recently added a Just for Kids section to their website which makes it easy to find your kiddos favorites including Strawberry Shortcake, Angelina Ballerina, Phineas and Ferb, Veggie Tales, Hello Kitty, Leap Frog, Curious George, Dora, Word World, Blue’s Clues, Thomas and more. Unlimited streaming is only $7.99/month and they continue to add new titles monthly. Don’t worry, there’s also plenty to watch for us adults too.

There are a lot of different ways to watch Netflix Instant Video, and we happen to have Netflix streaming built-in to our TV which makes it very easy. Most Blu-ray players have the feature, and you can also use the popular and simple-to-use Roku players too. They of course have FREE iPad, iPhone, and Android apps, or you can watch their entire streaming library using your Xbox, PS3, Wii, or your computer’s web browser.

You can currently try out Netflix for one-month FREE, and they’ll even currently give you a FREE $10 Papa John’s gift card if you continue past the trial too!



2 thoughts on “Netflix Just For Kids Instant Video Streaming”

  1. My son loves the Just for Kids section for getting his Sesame Street, and my 11 year old brother loves it for getting shows he likes, as well! Even I sneak a peek in there sometimes for the latest kid’s movie. It’s a great section of the site, and I feel confident in letting my brother and son sneak a peek in there to find something(especially if there are movies in my Instant Queue I don’t that aren’t kid-friendly). The sort-by-character option is great- they can just click the character they love, and be directed to several great shows or movies to watch!

  2. I will have to check it out, we have netflix but at times we have to search for an appropriate movie for our daughter-this is great that they have them all together now, looks like we will be watching this weekend!


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