Good Morning America December Daily Deals – December 20th

Here are Good Morning America and Tory Johnson’s December Daily Deals for December 20, 2011.

All deals are valid only on the dates listed and are available while supplies last. Deals may not be combined with other coupons and offers. Contact the retailers directly for any questions about products, pricing and delivery before ordering online.

SCOTTEVEST: Classic and Lightweight Vests and Pack Windbreakers for Men and Women

Original: $75 – $100
GMA Exclusive Deal: $38 – $50
50% savings on vests and windbreakers using promo code GMA 
Valid: 12/20/11 thru 12/21/11


SCOTTEVEST looks great from the outside, has tons of hidden pockets and is the ultimate gift for people who already have everything. Perfect for moms and dads on the go, travelers, college students going back to school—anyone who has a lot of things to carry. If you’re worried about not getting it in time for Christmas, you can download a SCOTTEVEST gift graphic that you can print and include in a card so the recipient knows the gift is on its way. If you need your gift for Christmas, overnight shipping is a flat rate of $20. Ground shipping is $5 if you don’t need your item before Christmas.

The Twooth Timer Company: Twooth® Timer

Original: $11
GMA Exclusive Deal: $6
50% savings on a twooth timer using promo code GMA 
Valid: 12/20/11 thru 12/21/11

Twooth® Timer is the award-winning, mom-invented tooth brushing timer to help kids brush their teeth for the recommended two minutes. Twooth® Timer makes brushing fun for kids and reduces brushing battles for better dental hygiene. Needs no batteries and is recommended by dentists and hygienists. Ground shipping is $4.95 and priority shipping is $6.95. (Not guaranteed to arrive before Christmas; depends on location.)

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