Target Daily Toy Deal – Littlest Pet Shop Loves To Fly

Target’s new 25 Days of Toys deal today is for the Littlest Pet Shop Loves To Fly set for $19.99 with FREE shipping. Normally priced at $39.99, even Amazon sells it for $32.99.

BLYTHE is pet-sitting a very special bulldog and they’re going to fly to their next adventure. They load their luggage on the cart and board the jet. They’ll watch movies, relax in their comfy seats, and nibble on snacks. What a fun ride! 

Take to the skies with your BLYTHE figure and bulldog pet! Unload their luggage from the included cart and stow it on the plane vehicle, then put the bulldog in the special seat made just for him. Now you get to choose: will your BLYTHE figure “fly” the jet the whole way, or will she sit in back and relax with her bulldog friend to watch movies while the “plane” is on “autopilot”? 

BLYTHE figure comes with pet, jet and other accessories.

Check it out at Target here.

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