Good Morning America December Daily Deals – December 7th

Here are Good Morning America and Tory Johnson’s December Daily Deals for December 7th.

All deals are valid only on the dates listed and are available while supplies last. Deals may not be combined with other coupons and offers. Contact the retailers directly for any questions about products, pricing and delivery before ordering online.

Nail Fraud: Nail Polish Strips

Original: $8 – $10
GMA Exclusive Deal: $4 – $5
50% savings on nail polish strips using promo code GMA
Free shipping
Valid: 12/7/11 thru 12/9/11


One of this year’s biggest trends in nail products is nail polish strips as the new alternative to wet nail polish. This is a dry (and instant) manicure. You just press, file, and go. They are inexpensive and you can apply them to yourself at home.  These are great time savers during the busy holiday season and they’re fun for all ages. Free shipping!

479° Popcorn: The Foodie Sampler and The Comfort Collection

Original: $35 – $46
GMA Exclusive Deal: $17 – $23
50% – 52% savings on popcorn using promo code GMA
Valid: 12/7/11 thru 12/8/11

479° Popcorn is made with organic, heirloom popcorn. The products are gluten-free, do not contain GMO ingredients, all-natural, air-popped, no trans-fat and low in calories. They don’t ever use corn syrup or other yucky ingredients. For example, their caramel popcorn is made with organic agave syrup. This product is handmade, artisan popcorn from San Francisco and is a woman owned business committed to supporting farmers who practice sustainable practices. Standard shipping is $9.95.

Piggy Paint: Holiday Gift Sets & Puppy Paint Nail Polishes

Original: $9 – $25
GMA Exclusive Deal: $5 – $13
50% savings on gift sets and single nail polishes using promo code GMA
Free shipping!
Valid: 12/7/11 thru 12/9/11

Created by a mom who didn’t want her daughter using traditional polish, Piggy Paint is a non-toxic, odorless, eco-friendly nail polish that is safe to use on all lil’ piggies! Piggy Paint Remover contains none of the solvents that could offend your nose or harm our atmosphere (low odor, no acetone, eco-friendly). Piggy Paint Gift Sets contain either three Piggy paint polishes or two Piggy Paint polishes. The Piggy Paint remover is wrapped in a reusable organza bag. The Puppy Paint has the same great non-toxic characteristics as Piggy Paint, but is formulated for puppies. It dries fast, covers the darkest of nails, and is naturally bitter to prevent the licking of the polish. Free shipping!

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  1. OMG PIGGY PAINT! I love using this for my daughter (I started using it on her when she was 9mo old)… not toxic… no smell!!! I have even used it for me. Its such a great product. I HIGHLY recommend them. The paint will come off during bath time, but there is a protective coat you can get that will help it stay on longer.


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