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Moms like personalized gifts because they are cute, kids like personalized gifts because recognizing their name is so special. My daughter goes nuts when she sees her name. It is the only “word” she knows, and she can pick it out of a paragraph of text or on an item from across the room. Because she gets so excited, I love to get her things with her name. So when Pipsqueak Boutique offered me a personalized Disney Princess CD, I had to have it for her.

From the company:

It will be an instant hit that she will listen to over and over. Watch her face light up as she hears her name sung and spoken by the original Disney Princess cast. She will join each of the Disney Princesses as they prepare for a Princess Tea Party. Each princess will personally coach her through getting dressed and using proper etiquette, and she will receive a personal invitation to the castle to join all the Disney Princesses at their Princess Tea Party!

Why I Love It – The Disney Princesses sing and speak to K more than 60 times throughout this CD, and it is even more special because the princesses sing about having a tea party – K’s favorite thing to do! (She is even having a tea party birthday in the spring, guess what I will be using for party music!) Every time a princess says her name K lights up, and the music is perfect for her to “practice” her ballet to! Pipsqueak Boutique offers several personalized CDs for kids including Mickey Mouse and the gang, the Sesame Street crew, Veggie Tales and more. So you can get your kiddo a CD from their favorite characters. Pipsqueak Boutique also offers personalized decor, clothing, books, toys and more.

Buy It – Order personalized kids gifts from PipsqueakBoutique.com by December 10 to insure Christmas delivery. The personalized CDs are $29 each.

Great Gift For – I think this is a great gift for ages 2 – 5, the perfect age for kids to get excited about hearing their favorite characters say their name in a song.

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Personalized CD for Kids

Disclosure – Product was provided to facilitate this review, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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  1. I was not aware of this boutique until I found your blog. What a lot of cute things! I have a website with suggestions for kid’s personalized gifts. I will certainly be adding this one to the list of suggestions. Kids really do love personalized things!

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