Disney Princess 2-in-1 Ballroom Surprise Doll Review ~ Holiday Gift Guide

If your little princess is itching to find a princess doll under the Christmas tree, the Disney Princess 2-In-1 Ballgown Surprise dolls put a new spin on the classic doll. Sure, they look like your typical princess doll, but with a tug of the skirt and a little twist, voila you girl’s favorite princess’ dress magically transforms into a new look. It’s like a doll plus a bonus dress all in one package.

From Mattel:

One of the most memorable moments from each Disney Princess fairy tale is the magical transformation into a Disney Princess. These moments are now captured with dolls that make a complete fairy tale transformation. Each of the four Disney Princesses in this collection makes the dramatic transformation into a beautiful princess sparkling with glitter. Collect Cinderella, Belle, Tiana and Ariel for the entire Disney Princess 2-In-1 Ball gown Surprise Doll Collection.

Why I Love It – Not only does this doll eliminate the additional cost of buying a second outfit, but it also eliminates the possibility of loosing the dress since it is built in. One of the big problems with additional doll outfits (in my house) is that they is too difficult for little girls to change them. The 2-in-1 doll’s dress is simple enough to change by themselves; just open the hook n loop seal down the back of the skirt, twist the dress around, close the skirt back up and ta-da a new look. No more, “Mommy, change my dolls dress.” (Ok, it takes some practice at first, but with some instruction it can be done unlike typical dresses.) That said, there is one major issue with this doll — glitter dresses are pretty, but messy! I really wish toy makers would forget about the whole glitter thing, as I type there is glitter on my hands, my shirt, the keyboard…

Buy It – The Disney Princess 2-In-1 Ballgown Surprise dolls (Cinderella, Belle, Ariel and Tiana) are available on Amazon for $20.99 each.

Great Gift For – Princesses ages 3+.

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Disney Princess 2-In-1 Ballgown Surprise


Disclosure – Product was provided to facilitate this review, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

11 thoughts on “Disney Princess 2-in-1 Ballroom Surprise Doll Review ~ Holiday Gift Guide”

  1. My girls would absolutely love a “Tee wahna” doll. Hiding the movie on the top shelf is all I can do to stop watching it for the 20th time in one day. Great review and I will def considerthis as a Xmas gift.

  2. This would such a great Christmas gift to the little girl in the family of 5 I am sponsoring for Christmas she loves all the princesses and girly things.

  3. My daughter absolutely loves the one she received “pre” Christmas. I think Santa will be brining her 3 more. Does anyone have any idea where we can get the missing three. Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine, and Snow White? They are advertised on the new Disney castle, but I can’t find them anywhere! HELP!!!

    • The only ones I have even seen pictures of are Cinderella, Tiana, Belle, Ariel, Snow White & Jasmie. (I haven’t seen anything with Sleeping Beauty – that’s K’s fave!) But I have only seen the first 4 of those for sale… So I don’t know if the others have been released yet or what…


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