Disney On Ice Presents Dare to Dream Review

If you have a little princess in your family and Disney On Ice presents Dare to Dream makes a stop in your hometown, take it from me, it is a must see show.

Making a stop in Orlando earlier this month, my family had the privileged to attend our very first Disney On Ice show and for our daughter, the dancing princesses were just as enchanting on ice as they are in the movies. Disney On Ice presents Dare to Dream is a compilation of princess vignettes including the tale of Tiana, Cinderella and the newest princess Rapunzel.

Disney on Ice Dare to Dream

Whether you have seen the movies a thousand times (like we have) or are new to one of the stories (as a friend of mine was), the shortened fairy tales are just as enchanting. And seeing your favorite characters come to life right before your eyes, well, it is nothing short of a dream come true for a princess in the making. K sat memorized through the whole show, pausing only momentarily from time to time to stuff more cotton candy in her mouth (double fist style).

Disney on Ice

If your little dreamer loves a princess not included in the main show, not to worry. At the end of the story trio, ALL of the princesses and their princes make an appearance for one last encore number.

Mom tip – if you have never been to a show like this, let me forewarn you that this show takes advantage of Disney merchandising at its best. Oh yes, there are tables at every corner filled with goodies every little princesses will want (and even things for the princes too). If you aren’t prepared to open your wallet, I recommend allowing your little princess to bring something from home to keep her company (and distracted from all of the baubles). My daughter discovered cotton candy at the circus last year, so she couldn’t wait for more. The good news is that cotton candy comes with either a princess crown or viking helmet — a treat and souvenir all in one. Perfect!

Another tip to share… keep your eyes peeled for discount codes. Here in Orlando, I was able to offer my readers a hot coupon code that every mom in my moms group took advantage of. I am sure there are similar codes in other markets too.

Oh, and the show is hosted by none other than Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Donald!

Disney on Ice

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