Back to School with TJ Maxx And Marshall’s~ $25 Giveaway

Back-to-school shopping is more than just shopping for crayons, notepads and pencils – it’s also about shopping for the latest trends for your students. And the latest trends, like everything else, can add up in a hurry especially if your kiddos have fashion opinions of there own (which mine does, if you consider PINK a fashion opinion).

Two of my favorite places to shop are TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. Of course, I love the discounted prices, but I also love the thrill of the hunt. At TJ Maxx and Marhsall’s you never know what you are going to find because the inventory changes weekly. Yes, weekly. In fact, each store receives 10,000 new pieces of new merchandise weekly to restock the shelves. That’s a lot of stuff.

TJ Maxx

With so many things to offer, it is a rare trip to TJ Maxx that I leave with empty hands. Of course, our TJ Maxx is also attached to a Home Goods — so it is double trouble for me! (Picked up a shelf and canvas for K’s room today!)

Right now TJ Maxx and Marshall’s are ready for back-to-school shoppers from hot trends in clothes, shoes, accessories, backpacks and more.

Back to School

Here’s something to think about… TJ Maxx and Marshall’s are off-price retailers, rather than discount retailers. This means that while both off-price retailers and a discount retailers might sell backpacks for $19.99, the off-price one was made to sell for $40, whereas the discount retailer’s was made to sell for $19.99. Interesting thought…

While K doesn’t know name brands yet, there comes a day in every girl’s fashion life that they want to wear name brands (boys too). If your student is addicted to name brands, you gotta shop TJ Maxx and Marshall’s to save.


Giveaway – To help kick start your shopping, one lucky reader will win a $25 gift card to TJ Maxx / Marshall’s. 

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Disclosure – This post and giveaway are brought to you buy TJ Maxx and Marshall’s, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

153 thoughts on “Back to School with TJ Maxx And Marshall’s~ $25 Giveaway”

  1. My favorite fall trend is always jeans. They are so comfy and I can’t wait for the weather to cool down so we can wear them again!

  2. My favorite fall trend would have to be all the bright stripes and plaids I’ve been seeing while doing back-to-school shopping. Thanks!

  3. I love hoodies and long-sleeved shirts… I’m a big fan of covering up so back-to-school is one of my favorite fashion times of the year!

  4. TJ Maxx is my FAVORITE store. I need to go there and look for a Fall suit to wear to work.

    I like the browns and tweeds–they look nice paired especially with blues. This is a trend that I hope doesn’t go away!

  5. I never have followed trends in my life. Clothing should be what makes a person comfortable and feel good about themselves. We homeschool. So, we don’t shop for back-to-school.

  6. fave fall trend is Pippa Middleton type headbands (forgot their official name, but they are headbands that are rather large & extremely decorative).

  7. Riding pants are on trend for this fall, which I think is something cool and unique! I just bought some black skinny riding pants that I LOVE from Gap.

  8. I am not really up with the trends 😉 but I am trying to win this for my daughters and I know they love their boots! It is a new pair every year. Thank you for the chance!


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