Scotch Restickable Mounting Shapes, Tabs & Strips Review

If you have little ones in your house, chances are you have “art work” everywhere you turn. Well, at least that is most definitely the case in our house. K loves to make art projects for everyone, and big or small she wants to be sure they are displayed. I have a few key display places, but frankly we are running outta space! That’s why I am in love with Scotch Restickable products.

Scotch Restickables come in three forms Mounting Shapes, Tabs and Strips. They are reusable, non-damaging and oh-so-perfect for displaying K’s artwork at home and at Daddy’s office. They pretty much rock!

Since about half the artwork K creates is designated to go to work with Daddy, his office bulletin board is long past overflowing. Which is why the moment the package arrived, the tabs were immediately sent to Daddy’s office (along with another piece of art work, of course). Ta-da – Daddy can now utilize his wall space to display the proud work of our Miss K.

Scotch Restickable Tabs
Look how nice and neat her projects look using the Restickable Tabs.

The Mounting Shapes come in pink, blue and orange, and each package contains stars, hearts and circles. The mounting shapes can be used behind the art you want displayed (like the tabs Dad used at work) or they can be used on top of the artwork to add a little bit of fun to your display. (Hint, I left the plastic protector sheet on top of the shapes that I knew were going to be placed on top of the art work. My thinking is that this will prevent them from attracting dust.) Of course, my little girl was all about the pink shapes, and she loved that Mommy let her hang up her artwork in her room. A new treat.

Scotch Restickable Mounting Shapes

In addition to being able to stick up your work anywhere, when it is time to change out your artwork, your art comes down clean without leaving a mark on your walls or your art project. Of course, the only reason to take down art in my house is to put up new art in its place. Restickables are reusable. Here’s the coolest part – if your Restickables get dusty/dirty and don’t stick, just rinse them off with soap and water to make them stick again. (Love  this feature.)

The one thing I would caution moms is that they are super sticky… so they can rip your paper. I actually had this happen to me twice – once with a super thin piece of paper K had drawn on (no big loss) and the second time when I placed a mounting shape on top of a photo, part of the image tore off when I took it down (I was very sad about this). So be sure that when hanging photos, if you are planning to use the mounting shapes on top – like I did – that it is a replaceable photo… just in case. Most of the time I have used these things with no problem, but it did happen…

The one place I was hoping to use my Restickables was to hold up the ribbon on my daughter’s growth chart (not weight bearing, just decorative), but this was the one test that my Restickables did not pass. I guess the fabric ribbon has too much lint or something because the tab stayed put on the way, but the bow keeps falling down. Oh well.

Another thing I think Restickables will be good for is birthday cards (and well wishes for the baby). When birthday season arrives, K always receives a slew of birthday cards. Normally, I have to clear of a space on a shelf to display the cards, now I will be able to use Restickables to display the cards. No more knocking over the cards like dominoes! (Would be good for Christmas cards too, but I have a display for those.)


Disclosure – I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Scotch and received ScotchRestickable products to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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