Facebook Status Update – I’m Expecting

For growing families, you can now update your Facebook family details to include “Expecting Child.”

For the single crowd, the relationship status from “Single,” to “In a Relationship,” to “Engaged,” to “Married” (and everything in between), has become a fun, and sometimes dramatic, way to announce a new status. Those of us who have been married longer than we’ve been on Facebook, never got to experience the fun. But now we can change our family details to include the news of the baby to be.

It’s easy to do:

  • Click ‘Edit Profile’ on your profile page
  • Choose the “Family & Friends” tab and select “Add another family member”
  • From drop-down menu click on “Expected: Child”
  • Enter a due date and a chosen name for the unborn baby (if you are sharing)

If you haven’t already, you can also add kids you already have the same way. While the Facebook TOS prohibit those under 13 from having a profile page, and rightfully so, you can add a family member by name without it linking to an actual profile page. I suppose sometime after October, I will have to remember to go in and change my expecting child to my daughter.

I had fun adding my expecting child to my “status” – even though everyone already knows from the big ole belly.

1 thought on “Facebook Status Update – I’m Expecting”

  1. I’m not so sure about this. I just really have enjoyed telling people in person and over the phone that I’m expecting! I don’t think I’d like just putting it out over the internet. But to each his own, and I do think putting it on Facebook is a whole lot quicker than telling people as you see them.


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