Virtual Baby Shower — Undercover Mama Review

This is one of those products I wish I had with my first daughter. Or better yet, I wish I thought of it! If you are planning to (or already are) nursing your little one, you need the Undercover Mama. Invented by a pair of moms, this ingenious top turns ANY shirt into a nursing shirt. That’s right, skip the ugly nursing tops and go back to your own clothing quicker by using this simple top.

Basically, the Undercover Mama is a tank top without the straps. Instead, there are hooks where the straps would be that hook to any nursing bra. Put on your nursing bra, put on the Undercover Mama, hook the Undercover Mama to your bra then put your favorite shirt on top and ta-da. When you are ready to nurse, you just lift your shirt (using it to cover for yourself on top) unhook the nursing bra and your belly is still covered by the Undercover Mama. Super discrete.

It is a little hard to explain, but this video shows it perfectly.


In addition to providing you some modesty, the Undercover Mama is a great solution for winter. I actually remember wrapping a blanket around my torso when nursing my daughter in the winter at home because I would get cold. Now your body stays covered.

The Undercover Mama is made of 95% combed cotton and 5% Spandex, so it feels really nice, making it a nice camisole to layer with your favorite shirt. I requested a medium Undercover Mama, and I wish I ordered a small. Since it is made to be worn under things, it would be better under other shirts if it was tighter on me (which I didn’t think of before ordering it). Since it will stretch over my growing belly, I know it will be more loose fitting like I would wear a tank top. Also I received a nude top, and I think if I were ordering again I would get black or white (they also come in brown, cream, grey and pink). The reason is that even though I am covered, I still feel like I look exposed with a nude top so close to my skin tone. Don’t get me wrong, I will still get lots of wear out of my Undercover Mama, those are just two thoughts I wanted to pass along.

Note – the Undercover Mama is also tagless, such smart moms who invented the top!

The Undercover Mama is available on Amazon for $24.50.

I am excited that Undercover Mama is participating in The Suburban Mom’s Virtual Baby Shower. In addition to all of the other fabulous prizes, the winner will win a prize pack that includes: an Undercover Mama nursing top in your size ($24.99).

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Disclosure – I received the Undercover Mama to facilitate this review and an Undercover Mama  is being provided for the winner, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Wow! I wish I had that when nursing my first. I’ll definitely have to get some when I have another. Such a great idea!


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