A Mom Blogger’s Advice ~ Week 8

Tomorrow is the big day – the start of the Virtual Baby Shower. With more than a dozen reviews, top 10 lists for every mom to be (or new mom) and a giveaway package valued at nearly $600 it is going to be a busy two weeks.

For my last installment of A Mom Blogger’s Advice, I decided to share some of the words of wisdom friends passed along to be that were actually great advice. I hope you benefit from these little tidbits as much as I did.

When making your little one’s crib double or even triple sheet the crib. It should go like this; waterproof pad, sheet, waterproof pad, sheet (optional additional waterproof pad and sheet). That way when there are accidents in the middle of the night, all you have to do is pull off the top sheet and pad and you are ready to go. I didn’t learn this tidbit until my daughter was nearly a year old, but I used this method until we moved her into her big girl bed at 3 years old. I swear – what a time/hassle saver! (Thanks Megan!)

God was smart to give us babies who will learn from us as much as we will learn from them. Don’t worry about how you are going to get through the next stage (i.e. teaching your child to walk, talk, alphabet, etc), you aren’t ready to handle it today but when you get there you and your kiddo will be ready. That’s why God didn’t give us tweens to start with. (Thanks Deborah!)

Being a mom is tough, and no one knows this better than other moms who are right there with you. Seek out other moms in your area to get together with. Not only will your little ones enjoy the play time, you will benefit from adult conversation (even if it revolves around talking about babies). An added bonus – you will learn from other mom as you go. (That’s my advice!)

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  1. I’d be excited to win the bready stroller or the ergo baby carrier for baby #1 due in march!!!! I haven’t bought a single thing yet!

  2. I’d be excited to win the home and away monitor. I’m a pilot in the Navy so this would be a good way to watch the baby.


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