Free Chick-fil-A on Friday, July 8

Tomorrow is a big day for Chick-fil-A fans — it is Cow Appreciation Day, which means you can dress like a cow for free food!

For breakfast, lunch and dinner cows will flock to their local Chick-fil-A for free food. If you wear a partial costume (such as a cow-spotted scarf, purse, hat or other accessory) you will receive a free entree. Go all out and dress head to hoof, and you will earn a free meal (breakfast, lunch of dinner).

Don’t have any cow attire lying around your house, download cow parts to make a costume.

Get your kids in the act too, they can earn free kid’s meals. (In the past kids only had to dress partially to earn kid’s meals, but I can’t verify this so YMMV.)

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