The TODAY Show Jill’s Steals and Deals

The TODAY Show is back with another installment of Jill’s Steals and Deals for May 31, 2011. Today’s deals include:

  • $150 2×4 Number: Lab monogrammed spa robe for $39
  • $750 Framed photography prints from Douglas Busch for $75
  • $445 Jewelry from Sophie Belle for $69
  • $50 Beauty products from Oliver Ifregan Atelier for $15

Check out all the deals here.

3 thoughts on “The TODAY Show Jill’s Steals and Deals”

    • I am sorry, I wasn’t able to find anything online since about 2009… I am not even sure this line is still being made as they press release about the line of polish points to a website that is no longer active – Wish I could help.

  1. I purchased the “spa robe” from 2×4 Gear which supposedly retailed for $150. It cost $39 + $15 shipping. It took 72 days and many email back and forth between me and the seller to finally reach me. I assumed a “spa robe” would be 100% cotton terry which is what you get in hotels and spas. Instead I got a microfiber robe (which I’m allergic to) which might retail for $30-$40 retail. You could not tell from the TV pic that the robe was not terry. Unfortunately, I used a debit card (lesson learned) to pay for robe. Of course, my account was debited the day I ordered the robe. I appealed to the Today Show and got nowhere. I requested a refund and got nothing but silence from 2×4 Gear. I returned the robe and, of course, they kept my $. The Today Show should be ashamed to promote products like this and to solicit sellers who ignore their buyers when the buyer is totally dissatisfied.


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