Five Fabulous Bloggers You Gotta Check Out

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Bloggers – the blogosphere is filled with them. From the big guys (and gals) to the tiny there are more great bloggers than there are hours in the day to read them all (especially if you’re a mom). So what makes a blogger fabulous? To me, a blogger is fabulous when I can’t wait to see what they post next. Of course, knowing the blogger personally also helps me relate to them and think they are extra special, but fabulous is fabulous whether a reader knows the blogger personally or just feels like they through the blog.

So without further ado, my Five Fabulous Bloggers You Gotta Check Out.

MomDot – When talking about fabulous bloggers, I have to start with Trisha from MomDot. Not only do I love reading her blog, she keeps me both interested and entertained, which I love. But I also consider her fabulous because of the form that she runs on MomDot. It is a blogging community that is accepting of bloggers of all sizes. I have learned more then I even knew I needed to know about blogging from these women, and I love being part of the community. Trisha and MomDot are ultra fabulous because not only does her blog rock, but she is supportive of the blogging community.

My Sentiment ExactLee – My Sentiment ExactLee makes my top five fab because not only is she a local blogger (gotta show the O-town love), but she has also been super wonderful and taken me under her wings and introduced me to lots of awesome people and experiences here in my home town. As a blogger, she is totally into the entertainment world and recently launched a sub-blog Entertainment She has partied red-carpet style in Hollywood on more than one occasion getting up close and personal with the likes of Elton John and Shemar Moore among many others.  If you like entertainment, you’ll love Lee.

Hip2Save – If you read my blog, you know I am a mom on a budget and that I love to shop thrifty. My favorite place to go for coupon matching is Hip2Save. I used to bounce around and check several blogs, but I just love Colin’s style — she highlights the best deals in red so with a quick scan I can see the best deals for my family. She also posts lots of awesome freebies and just about every good coupon/deal out there. Whether you are a seasoned couponer or a newbie, Hip2Save is a must.

Couponing to Disney – I love all things Disney, so I adore the principle behind Kristin’s blog Couponing to Disney. As a fellow Disney lover, she coupons to save money so her family can afford an annual trip to the Mouse’s house. Readers can follow her savings progress as she shows exactly how much money she saves and deposits it into her Disney account – it is inspiring. She even writes about how she spends every penny of that Disney fund for her trip sharing deals and tips on saving at Disney too. In addition to posting deals, I love all of her Disney posts.

Blogging with Amy – Unlike most blogs I subscribe to that I read the email and delete it when I am done, I archive the email feed from Blogging with Amy. Amy is a blogging teacher who’s blog is dedicated to helping bloggers improve their blog as a business. From SEO tips to marketing and branding, Amy provides valuable insight into how to gain exposure for your blog in order to monetize your efforts. If you want to see your blog grow, you should check out Blogging with Amy and follow her tips.

So there are five of the fabulous blogs I read on a regular basis, there are plenty of others on my list and even more that I haven’t yet discovered — not to mention my own blog, that totally rocks. Enjoy.

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