My Big News

If, as a friend pointed out, you have noticed that TheSuburbanMom has been a little “slow” over the last month+… You are right, and there is good reason… I am pregnant!

Yes, very exciting news to be sure, but since early February it has basically just mean that I have been very sick – very very sick. Blah. Those who have been there know, this part of pregnancy is simply miserable. Thankfully, I discovered a wonder drug last week, and while I still feel pretty terrible, at least I am finally keeping food down. (I am not one to take meds if I can at all help it, but I was at the end of my rope and needed to do something for both of our health! So bring on the drugs!)

Baby #2 is due October 9, 2011, so I am already mentally preparing for a whirlwind 🙂 Since I am 10 weeks into this pregnancy, I am hopeful that many of my symptoms will soon subside… at least a little. (Although, I anticipate them being replaced by others, such as heartburn – ahhh the joys oh pregnancy!

In the mean time, hang in there with me I will continue to tell you about deals I see, and I hope to get some new reviews/giveaways soonish. (Think baby stuff!)

Off to eat more crackers….

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  1. Just wanted to say congrats! I’m due in 10 weeks and have been happily over the morning sickness for a while. That is one of my least favorite thing about being pregnant. Good thing they’re worth it! 😉


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