The Grammys ~ Something I Have Always Wanted To Do

Wouldn’t it be amazing to get all glammed up and walk the red carpet at the Grammys? It sounds like a pipe dream, and yet for the past three years, my whole family (Mom, Dad & Sister) has had the opportunity to just that. My dad’s business partner (and my friend from high school) is in the biz (as they say) and thus is a voting member of the Grammy’s. His membership affords him the unique opportunity to purchase Grammy tickets so every year he and my dad gather a group of business associates and head out to LA for a fabulous weekend and a walk down the red carpet. Yes, THE RED CARPET.

(Picture of my sister and my friend’s wife on the Grammy Red Carpet 2009)

Oh how I long to join them. I imagine myself shopping for THE perfect gown, getting my hair and makeup done by an LA professional and strutting my stuff on the red carpet – hello paparazzi! Please, this is my good side… I would pick out a long gown, uber glamorous (because, of course, in my fantasy price is not an issue) and brightly colored so you couldn’t miss me on the red carpet. With stunning jewelry draping over me and an up-do fit for a star – oh and the shoes!

Don’t get me wrong, I have an open invitation to go (my family doesn’t mean to leave me out). But they started going just before the birth of my daughter, and what would I do with her? Her favorite baby sitter, my mom, would be standing beside me on the red carpet. My generous hubby once told me I could go without him and he would watch our K, but that just wouldn’t be the same. Oh, and then there is the price tag.

Perhaps it seems silly, but as my sister put on a fashion show for us this week debuting her drop-dead-gorgeous gown, a pang of jealousy came over me, again. Something I have always wanted to do, be glamorous on the red carpet with my family!

I know I could be glamourus with the help of my favorite P&G products – Pantene shampoo and conditioner for medium-thick hair, CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion for to-die-for lashes and Oral-B for a pearly, white smile and Gillette ProGlide Razor silky smooth legs… Ahhh, can’t you just picture me.

Oh well… I guess I will just live vicariously through my sister again this year. Maybe next year…

This post was inspired by the contest at The Divine Miss Mommy win my own glamorous trip to Miami. Wish me good luck!

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