SWAG = Stuff We All Get.

When you go to an event, conference, baby shower, etc… one of the best parts is the SWAG. Even if it is something small you could easily purchase for yourself, it is so nice to be given something. It’s a nice touch to a party, event, etc and it makes people feel special. At Brandcation there was no shortage of SWAG. In fact, we had SWAG coming out of our ears. The first thing I did when I cam home was lay out all of my SWAG for my husband and I to play with. I got some fun stuff from some great companies and it was mainly due to the hard work of Shasta from Blog Friendly PR. I don’t think enough thanks can be given to this gal who worked her tail off to coordinate companies for SWAG bags and giveaways at Brandcation.

Although all of the SWAG was great, there are a couple products that especially stood out as winners at my house.

The most beloved item was the DUKTIG 14-piece vegetables set from Ikea. My daughter LOVES this cloth basket of veggies, which she calls, “My fruits and veggies.” She loves to pull the Velcro leaves off the lettuce and lay them out like plates with veggies on each plate, then she serves us all. Of course, I knew this would be a hit for her when I saw it knowing how much she loves to play with her kitchen, but I had no idea this would become a staple toy that gets daily play! My favorite part is when she wears the basket upside-down on her head as a hat when she severs us. A simple toy that offers imaginative play, I would buy this as a gift for another toddler in a heart beat.

Another fav was a little stuffed animal from Jumbies. These jumbled up animals are funny bean bag animals that have gotten all mixed up. I brought home Samson – part Seal, part lion, lots of lovable. Somehow I ended up with a second Jumbie when I arrived home, so I sent that one to the Ronald McDonald House for the holidays.

Still another cool company I discovered is Cleavits. Cleavits are kind of a cross between a cami and a sports bra – they work like a cami but are the size (lengthwise) of a sports bra (without the squish). Instead of wearing a cami under that low cut top, a Cleavits won’t bulge and ride up because they are nice and short. I got a white one, and I might have to get myself a black one to go with some other outfits!

There were so many great companies represented in our SWAG bags, I haven’t even had a chance to use everything yet. Thanks to all of the companies that provided goodies to us to check out. Unfortunately, I didn’t win any of the giveaways (this time), but there were also some great giveaways too.

Here is a full list of companies that sponsored our bags and giveaways. Thanks to all!!!

Swag Bag  Sponsors:

Giveaway Sponsors:

Thanks again to ItsAllFreeOnline.com for sponsoring me to attend Brandcation!

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