Tangled Introduces a New Disney Princess to Cherish

Over the weekend, we were invited to a special screening of Disney’s newest animated princess movie, Tangled. I am sure you already know that I love Disney, so it might sound biased when I saw it was wonderful, but it really truly was Disney Magical. Even my husband walked out of the movie raving about the movie. And my daughter, well… she is in love with “Punzal.”

Tangled takes a modern Disney twist on a classic tale. The characters are quick-witted, well-written and lovable. The long-haired and wide-eyed Rapunzel is voiced by Mandy Moore, and her tall, dark and handsome Flynn Ryder is played by Zachary Levi (whom I LOVE from Chuck).

While every princess-wanna-be will fall deeply in love with Rapunzel, as my daughter did, there are two silent characters who do a wonderful job at nearly stealing the show. Maximus, the kingdom’s horse and Rapunzel’s sidekick chameilion, Pascal, may not speak in words, but their actions speak volumes. In much the way Abu began as Aladin’s only friend, the color-changing Pascal is Rapunzel’s true friend from the beginning, and quite the comedian.

Complete with fairytale magic and musical numbers that will stick with you long after the movie, Tangled has entered the lineup of classic princesses with grace and a little humor. Not to mention long blond locks for braiding (or tangling). Mattel and Disney have prepared for holiday shoppers falling in love with the new princess and toy aisle are already filled with Tangle merchandise. Just a few days before our screening, a Rapunzel doll arrived at our house. While I meant for her to be a Christmas present, I couldn’t resist presenting my daughter with a new doll for the movie. Poor “Punzal,” by the end of the day, her long locks were a golden snare! Oh well, she is much loved!

Tangled is beautifully animated, with a modern 3D option. The screening we attended was in 3D, which made me nervous, as I don’t do well with 3D films, but I am pleased to report I did not have any problems with the 3D version. Even my 2 year-old daughter kept her glasses on for about 90% of the movie, she wouldn’t wear them for the last 15-20 minutes for some reason. I’m not going to reveal any spoilers here, but my favorite scene was the scene with the floating lanterns. It gave me goosebumps!

Rapunzel is my new favorite Disney Princess. We’ve already even purchased Rapunzel’s tower and dress-up dress for K for Christmas.

In case you need another peak at the movie, here’s the movie trailer!


Disclosure – I was provided tickets to the screening of Tangled and the Rapunzel doll from Mattel, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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