Roku HD Streaming Player Review

If you have a movie or TV fan in your house, here’s a product you’ll want to add to your holiday shopping list. The Roku line of streaming players are one of those rare electronic gadgets that are easy to setup, and works as intended.  The tiny Roku device allows you to instantly stream an unlimited amount of movies and TV shows from the ever-expanding thousands of titles available in the Netflix Watch Instantly library. A monthly subscription (starting at $8.99/month) is required to view Netflix content, but there are no other charges to use your Roku.

Once a Netflix-only streaming device, Roku has steadily added new content providers including Amazon Video on Demand, Hulu Plus (coming this Fall), Pandora Internet Radio, and more.  You can find a complete listing of all content providers on the Roku website.

The Roku player is extremely easy to get setup and running.  If you have Wi-Fi in your house, all takes is a power cable and either an HDMI video cable (recommended for best quality) or a set of composite AV cables (included).  The Roku player can also be plugged into a CAT5 network cable if Wi-Fi is not available. Once powered on, follow the on screen setup and you’ll be up and running in minutes. The video playback starts quickly, looks great, and you would never know you were streaming content over the Internet.

The Roku player is light on your wallet too.  There are several  versions of the Roku players available and they start at $59.99.  If you have a movie or TV lover on your shopping list, definitely take a look at the Roku line of streaming media players.  Even if they don’t already have a Netflix account, you can even include a gift subscription too. They are sure to please the gadget loving hard-to-shop-for person we all seem to have on our shopping lists.

For more information visit  All of the Roku players are available on Amazon.

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