Sew Sew Pretty Pouches

Every lady needs a pretty little pouch for her things, and these Sew Sew Pouches are just the right touch of feminine and simple for every gal’s wish list. Sew Sew creations are handcrafted by a stay-at-home mom with as much love and care put into each pouch as if they were created for a dear friend. The one-of-a-kind pouches are fashioned with pretty patterns and delicate hand sewn flowers that give a little pop of color to an otherwise practical bag.

“I like to think of myself as creatively resourceful. Whether it’s time, money, baby, work, or projects I can drive myself crazy trying to think of, “How could I do this better/faster/with my eyes closed?” It’s also the reason why when I am working on Sew Sew projects (and there’s always at least two or three “in process” at the same time) that I can’t bear to discard scraps. Paper, fabric, felt, thread–I can’t bear to throw any of it away when I know that it can be turned into something useful, something beautiful,” mused the mom on her blog. And I couldn’t agree with her more, why throw things away when they can be turned into something useful, something beautiful at the hands of an artist.

Available in many patterns, including collegiate colors. (She also takes special orders.)

Available on Etsy. Cost $14.

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