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Vacation! Who needs a vacation… mommy does! The last real vacation we took was for our first anniversary, and that was more than 5 years ago… My how time flies, there just isn’t enough time for everything. Don’t get me wrong, we have taken mini vacations (AKA gone out of town for weddings) and amazing staycations (we live 30 mins from Disney), but I wanna a REAL vacation.

So, if I were to win my real vacation what would it be? First, let me list the qualifications of a “real vacation” — a real vacation would include an airplane to a destination of OUR choice (not the bride and groom’s), a hotel stay or a cruise, sight-seeing, NO work, kitchy souvenirs, a massage (or two), and just the right mix of busy and laid back… So, where would this fabulous trip be?

My dream vacation is a European cruise. Cruises are the perfect way to travel because you get to see so many places, but at the end of the day you have a home base to lay your head. Plus, I am not an adventurous eater, so I love knowing that I can always go back to the ship for dinner and not have to worry about eating something more ummmm… native. Since I am dreaming here, we would cruise in style in the biggest suite on the ship for a whole month. We’re talking swanky!

Disney Dream Cruise Ship

I would take this fabulous cruise with my husband and daughter as well as my mom, dad and sister. My parents took us on our last real vacation, so in my dream I would treat them to this amazing vacation, that in of itself would be a dream come true — to treat my whole family to luxury.

I love to travel with my mom because she is a planner, and when she is along she takes care of making sure we get to see and do the best there is to see and do. We stay busy with mom around, but I can sit back and enjoy the ride without worrying if we are missing anything.

My dream vacation meets all of my qualifications and more… who wants to go with me?

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